First Impressions of the new Scarpa Spin Infinity (releasing October 2021)


Run Oregon receives and tests running shoes from time to time. This initial post about the new Spin Infinity from Scarpa

Shoe: Scarpa Spin Infinity
Released: October 2021
Weight (size M9/W7.5): 10.8 oz.
Drop / Stack: 4mm (26mm/22mm)
Cost: $149

When you think about running shoe companies, Scarpa is probably not one of the first few that jumps to your mind. However, if you are an outdoors enthusiast you are probably familiar with them and their large footprint (pun intended) in the outdoor activities sphere. Heading over to this Italian company’s website, you see links to skiing, mountaineering, climbing, and hiking before you even get to the trail running section.

Here’s a little more about the company:

Founded in the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains, in the Asolo / Montebelluna region, an area long known for its quality, handcrafted footwear, SCARPA’s initial mission was to bring together all the best shoemakers in the Asolo area toward the goal of producing the best footwear anywhere. SCARPA stands for Società Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima, which means Associated Shoe Manufacturing Company of the Asolo Mountain Area.

Now, the next generation of the Parisotto family is continuing the pursuit of innovative mountain footwear. Sandro, Piero, Davide and Cristina Parisotto continue to lead the company to produce the finest footwear for mountaineering, trekking, hiking, alpine running, climbing and skiing.

We are passionate about our sports; we are passionate about boot making; we are passionate about performance.

Looks & Construction


Scarpa released just their fifth trail shoe in September, and with us transitioning into October, their latest release is here – the Spin Infinity.

As far as looks go, I really like the relatively unique color style. The light neon-ish blue adds just a tiny bit of pop and flair without going overboard. It’s really quite a nice subdued styling. This looks like it will also be available in a black with blue outsole as well.

If you have read any of our shoe reviews here around Run Oregon, you will notice that we leave the super technical running specs and jargon to other websites. We mostly write our shoe reviews based off feel, and our experience as mostly non-competitive runners and racers. That’s not to say we don’t compete or only run “for fun”, nor that we don’t have fancy running shoes in our repertoire, but our descriptive language tends to stay in the “runner next-door “realm. I encourage you to read up on the all of Scarpa’s tech on the shoe page.

The newest member of the award-winning Spin family, the Spin Infinity is SCARPA’s most cushioned offering to date. Designed for long distance trail training and ultra racing, the Spin Infinity has a dual-density EVA midsole, featuring a low density base that provides plentiful cushioning and impact absorption, and on top of that is their Foot Stabilizer Control system (FSC). The FSC system is a firmer EVA layer that encircles the perimeter of the midsole and also spans the arch area, providing lightweight stability and torsion control. The midsole’s 4mm drop encourages an efficient stride, further enhancing its long distance capabilities. Secure ground contact is assured by the Vibram® outsole, combining 4mm lugs and Megagrip rubber to optimize traction and grip. The mesh and welded PU upper with Sock-Fit construction is light and breathable but still provides foot-wrapping support and a secure fit. This combination of upper and outsole package results in the perfect blend of weight savings, cushioning, support and traction. All of these elements come together seamlessly in this high-mileage trail machine.


The upper has some unique features on it, even outside of the material. There are essentially no lace holes on the shoe – with the laces instead being put through small loops attached underneath the upper. These seem to be connected via a unique stitch and construction (with some potential adhesive too – I can’t tell). Part of me is concerned that these loops could potentially be the first thing to go – but time will tell. They have held up so far.

Another really cool feature on the tongue/liner (more appropriately and officially the “Sock-Fit LW”). I would agree with Scarpa’s description that this provides a nice supportive wrap and keeps the foot snug in the shoe. It’s construction is light and breathable but still provides that foot-wrapping support and a secure fit. Not only is it created with “anti-shock 3D mesh”, and really comfortable (i.e. no annoying tongue slippage on long runs), it also has a lace pocket on it that allows runners to tuck their tide laces into to keep from bouncing, snagging, or otherwise coming untied. There’s also a reinforced part on the toe that assists in additionally support root-kickers like me.


The midsole stack height in medium, but not overly high for most trail shoes. I felt as much ground as I expected and it felt responsive as a result. It has some good cushion (and is in fact their most cushioned shoe thus far), but not overtly so – at least not compared to some of our max-cushioning shoe companies out there. In my test runs, I think it’s fairly obvious that the Vibram outsole will provide all kinds of grip for the trail runner. The lugs are significant, but probably not enough for long PNW runs where mud is a constant. That’s not to say it couldn’t do the job (as it feel it can handle pretty much all trail terrain out there), but there may be some better options with larger lugs out there for those uniquely awful runs.


Honestly, it’s pretty cool to see Scarpa adding to their trail running collection. Given their experience and knowledge in other outdoor footwear realms, it only makes sense to take that technology and push it forward into an accessible, and relatively affordable, shoe for long trail runs.

The Spin Infinity is straight-forward, well-constructed, and sleek in a world of visually eye-popping competitors and an often “how/why did they do that” shoe world. It feels like Scarpa is focused on the perfection of function (again – this is just their 6th trail shoe) as opposed to mass-production appeal and “keeping up with the Joneses”. And we truly appreciate that and can feel the commitment with each run in the Spin Infinity.

Scarpa also has a “Green Manifesto” – A long-term, historical, and continually evolving sustainable approach to their product line. Keep an eye out for this in October!


Thank you to Scarpa for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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