Run Oregon is Kickin’ It in the newly released HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8

If you’ve tried HOKA ONE ONE, you know that they either work for you or they don’t. There’s really not any in between, but if they are right for you, they really knock it out of the park. HOKA shoes have been my favorite for running since the very first time I slipped on my first pair. They will forever be a go-to for me and I was really excited to try the Clifton 8.

My favorite thing about HOKA shoes is that they have a lot of cushion and feel great on my feet, but they still somehow feel light. Many other shoes offer cushion, but the price for that is heavy turnover. The Clifton 8 has a new midsole compound which offers one of their lightest foams and leaves enough spring in your step to go those extra miles. The new version of the award-winning Clifton franchise manages to keep the ride that makes them superior to many other shoes and yet still improves on fit and weight. The midsole is more responsive and lighter and the upper has been updated with an engineered mesh. Somehow, HOKA has done it again.

The Clifton 8 is a neutral stability shoe, with a ton of support for the middle-of-the-road runner. The weight of the latest and greatest is 7.20 oz with a heel to toe drop of 5.0mm. There’s an extended crash pad for a softer landing, an early state Meta-Rocker, and an upgraded heel and tongue.

Okay, enough with the stats, and let’s get down to the good stuff.. The look and the feel. If I’m being perfectly honest, my favorite thing about receiving shoes to review is opening the box and seeing what color was sent. HOKA did not disappoint, sending me the aquarelle and eggshell blue model of the Clifton 8. They are gorgeous in person and I’ve gotten several compliments on them already. As a runner and a coach, I tell everyone that what the shoes look like DOES NOT matter, but let’s be honest .. We like a sharp looking shoe. HOKA always fits the bill there. I always get excited slipping on a pair.

I took the Clifton 8’s for a spin less than 24 hours after they arrived on my doorstep. I had just run 10 miles the day before, so I wasn’t looking for a long ride, but I wanted to move. I always get my running shoes in a size larger than my everyday shoes, and the HOKA shoes definitely felt larger. I also was wearing thin socks, so that probably influenced the fit a lot. They did feel good on my feet, and  I met a friend at the track and walked a lap in them first. As soon as I took the next lap at a slow jog, I immediately felt the “cush” that I’ve come to expect from HOKA. Truly, it was an immediate reaction to the shoes. I felt springy, like I was running on a track made out of recycled tires, (which I wasn’t, BTW. This track is just pavement.) After 6 miles of running, my feet felt just as fresh at the end of the run as they did at the beginning. After this, I wore them to a client’s house and then to an exercise class. I was in them for almost 5 hours and never did they cause pain or discomfort.

I’m always surprised with how well HOKA shoes perform for their cost. As everything gets more and more expensive in stores, I’m seeing many other running shoes reach the $200 mark and higher. The HOKA Clifton 8 is $130 and worth every penny.

The only hesitation I see in wearing my new HOKA shoes is that I don’t want to get them dirty! I guess I’ll have to get over that, as they are going to get a lot of use over my summer of races.

The Clifton 8 arrived on 06.01.21. Grab them now!! 


Products & Price:

Specs (from website):

  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Gusseted tongue
  • EVA foam
  • Early stage Meta-Rocker
  • Extended pull tab
  • High-abrasion rubber
  • Flat-waisted geometry

More about HOKA ONE ONE®:


At HOKA, our goal is to inspire people to move. We want to empower all athletes to act fearlessly and creatively, to drive forward with purpose and passion – and with an “always-on” mindset for innovation and thinking outside the box, we craft bold and unexpected new solutions for athletes of all types.

We aim to amplify voices and help provide access to running, walking, fitness and the outdoors. We believe everyone is an athlete. And however you find joy in movement, HOKA has your back.


Feel the Innovation in Every Step

Wearing HOKA is a feeling unlike any other. Enhanced cushioning and a meticulously-engineered midsole provide a unique ride: one designed to be smooth, soft and efficient. And we are always thinking up new ways to make movement more fun, more purposeful, and more empowering.


“Radical change often comes about in trying to solve a simple problem. Our original goal was the improve endurance race times by designing a shoe to go downhill faster. In doing so, we inadvertently reinvented the running shoe.”

-HOKA Co-Founders Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud.


While we were first known for shoes with oversized midsoles, today our shoes and apparel are designed with that same problem-solving inspiration to meet the running, walking, fitness and outdoor needs of a wide variety of users. We continue to take a bold and unexpected approach to empower athletes of all levels to feel like they can fly.


Thank you to HOKA ONE ONE® for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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I'm the owner of Healthy Girl Fitness and I'm a personal trainer, certified AFAA group exercise instructor, and an RRCA certified running coach in SW Portland. I am also the mother of two young boys and am on the board at my youngest son's school. I led a relatively inactive life throughout my 20's until I discovered the world of fitness and running. I ran my first marathon in 2006 and haven't looked back since.