What a KÜHL company – a Run Oregon review of athletic tops from KÜHL

Even when we are showcasing new-to-us companies in the running sphere, it’s always amazes us when we stumble upon those who have been in the game for such a long time but just out of radar – not by desire, but just hadn’t yet made a connection.

One such company is KÜHL, an independent brand began near Matt’s hometown in Salt Lake City. KÜHL has a variety of apparel options spanning the active outdoors landscape – making their items perfect for most of us here in the PNW. In addition to some casual items, they also have hiking, athletic, and outerwear products as well. We were recently sent a few tops to check out.

Matt: The Klimitizer T is constructed from a Merino / Tencel blend, giving it properties that runners, as a whole, love – temperature-regulating, quick drying, and odor-resistant.  The fit is pretty loose as far as tee-shirts go. It’ not exactly baggy, but definitely not form fitting. In fact, I found it a nice comfortable middle ground with a relaxed look and feel. It’s also super light and soft, making it an ideal fit in the summer. I was honestly super excited I had this to wear when the temps went up the past few weeks.

Some small details make this shirt even cooler (no pun intended). There is elastic in the neck for comfort reasons and also for quicker drying than the heavy cotton collars we generally see. The seams are saddle stitch (which I learned is “sewing by hand with needles and thread in a way that creates two rows of stitching in one single row of holes“) which makes them less bulky and more comfortable as well.

The price point is definitely on the high side as it comes to a tee-shirt, but it is definitely one of the most comfortable shirts I have in my closet. It also feels like it will last for quite some time with careful washing care.

The Klimitizer T comes in 4 colors:

  • Carbon (reviewed)
  • Pirate Blue
  • Raven
  • Olive


Intent™ Krossback LS in Women's Long Sleeve | KÜHL Clothing

When it comes to running clothing, my wardrobe mainly consists of comfort and pieces that easily layer. I am also the type of runner who loves style. I am constantly on the lookout for unique comfortable running clothing, that can go every distance from 26 miles to 2. I recently was introduced to the brand KÜHL. This brand that was “born in the mountains” designs amazing products for both men and women. The motto for their products is to resist, defy and oppose the norm, representing not only the freedom of movement but the freewill as well.

I tried the Intent Krossback LS shirt, in the color wine. When I opened my package from KÜHL I was surprised to see multiple goodies from the company. With product stickers and decals, information on the company and even a tin of mints. The shirt was wrapped nicely and just waiting for me to try it on. When I picked up the shirt I was instantly amazed at how soft the material was. The color was also just as pictured on the website, and is the perfect color for my skin tone.

There are several features of the this shirt that I absolutely love. First of all, this shirt has the perfect weight. When doing a long run, I often wear a long sleeved shirt thinking it will be just right for the entire run, and am usually left peeling it off within the first few miles. This shirt is very lightweight while still offering protection from the sun, with a UPF of 50+. This shirt is also very stylish with a boat neck opening, dropped back hem and my favorite feature a crossover open back.

Intent™ Krossback LS in Women's Long Sleeve | KÜHL Clothing

This shirt has become a new favorite. I not only wear this for running, I also wear it running errands, or even picking my kids up at school. With the crossover open back, it has just enough airflow to keep me cool and comfortable during activities. For those who have never heard of KÜHL, or seen some of their products, I highly recommend you to check them out.
Intent Krossback LS comes in 5 colors;
  • Wine
  • Black
  • Wisteria
  • Sapphire
  • Pale Pink

Company: KÜHL (Facebook | Instagram)


More about KÜHL:

KÜHL’s story as an independent brand began in the snow-covered peaks of the Wasatch Mountains. Relentless weather and challenging conditions taught us that if you’re courageous, remain humble, stay hungry, are kind to your community, then the independents will thrive. We don’t have shareholders or VC investors. Our livelihood depends on you and your satisfaction with our product. We never forget it.

We’re all trying to work efficiently: articulated knees, gussets, stretch panels, reinforced pockets, and cuffs–we want you to feel the durability and long life. We design KÜHL clothing to move and keep up with you.

As a privately held company, we prize our freedom to choose and remain true to our ethics. Our goal is simple: source responsibly, provide a higher quality of living for all involved, and make the best damn product with the least amount of environmental impact.


Thank you to KÜHL for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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