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Despite the fact that I’m hopelessly lost every time I go adventuring, I’m oddly fascinated by topography and maps. I can’t follow directions to save my life, but I like the idea of being able to look down at a route and imagine exploring it.

Companies like Well Told Design are a great place to start when you’re feeling sentimental about a specific place or activity. Their products are unique, customizable, and specific as well as useful and beautiful. They offer whiskey glasses, beer pints, wine glasses, champagne flutes, carafes, coffee/tea mugs, tumblers and more drinkware. These items are etched with places and maps such as US City/State maps, marathon routes, airport and runway maps and many general outdoor and adventure specific items. In addition to that, there are academic themed gifts, such as historic and literary glasses, night sky barware that feature the evening constellations, math and science themed glasses and towels, and even candles featuring constitution and prohibition history. They also have home apparel such as trucker hats, fleece blankets, and kitchen and bar items like coasters, serve wear, straws, and bar boards. If you’re commemorating a special event, Well Told Design can help make it special and one-of-a-kind. Lastly, if you’re looking for a gift and feeling overwhelmed with decisions, check out the gift sets, as there are some great options for all.

If you’re reading the Run Oregon blog, there is a pretty good chance you’re a runner, or at least interested in running. So it stands to reason also that you might be interested in a gift for you or the runner in your life that memorializes a special race. You can have a running race memory customized with Well Told Design. Pick between a pint glass, a rock glass, a stemless wine glass, or an insulated tumbler. Then pick your race. Chicago? Berlin? Boston? Run your race, enjoy a drink. Perfection.

I’m super stoked to get the Portland OR Map Pint Glass. It’s a 16 oz glass with all the major city streets of Portland etched on it. I sure don’t want to get lost while I’m enjoying a frosty beverage. This glass, as well as many of the others at Well Told Design, would make an excellent gift for just about anybody.


Products & Price:

Specs (from website):

Your favorite local beer tastes even better in our 16 oz. Map Pint Glass engraved with the city streets and neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon.

  • Designed and made with pride in the USA.
  • Product Care: Dishwasher Safe
  • Glass Dimensions: Top diameter: 3-1/2,” Bottom diameter: 2-3/8, ” Height: 5-7/8″
  • Capacity: 16 oz
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs

More about Well Told Design:

OUR BRAND, YOUR STORY. We enable people to express the stories that define their unique life experiences – From small moments to big ones and everything in between – on the canvas of their everyday products.

INSPIRED BY YOU. DESIGNED FOR LIFE. Our mission is to meaningfully enhance the value of the products you use, not only through their style and functionality, but in their ability to turn an everyday moment into an inspired one by conveying a story of personal significance.

USE OFTEN. That’s our design philosophy. We make high-quality, timeless products for everyday use. They’ll always work well, look good, and age with beauty. So, toast like you mean it, and beware of theft.

TREAD LIGHTLY. From packaging to products to our eco-friendly design studio, we incorporate sustainability into everything we do – recyclable packaging made with post-consumer materials, products sourced and manufactured with the bare minimum of waste, materials that are durable and lasting.

GIVE WELL. That’s our fuel. We are inspired to give back and drive positive change in the world, so we put giving at the core of brand. Click HERE to learn more about Well Told Gives.

Thank you to Well Told Design for providing us with a sample. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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I'm the owner of Healthy Girl Fitness and I'm a personal trainer, certified AFAA group exercise instructor, and an RRCA certified running coach in SW Portland. I am also the mother of two young boys and am on the board at my youngest son's school. I led a relatively inactive life throughout my 20's until I discovered the world of fitness and running. I ran my first marathon in 2006 and haven't looked back since.

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