Race Preview: 2021 Bristow 24/12 Run (Eugene)

While most races are defined by the distance you have to complete. For the Bristow 24/12, it is all about the time. As in how far can you get in 24 or 12 hours.

Formerly the Elijah Bristow 24 Hour Run, Go Beyond Racing has taken over this event that has participants going round in circles as many times as they can. 12-hour and 24-hour participants all begin at 9am on Saturday, June 19. The loop is 1.05 miles with limited elevation change and mostly dirt trail along the way. Check out the course map to see the corners you will be seeing again, and again, and again.

The aid station is at the start/finish line so there is always access to food and drink past that last corner. This also means that crews are not needed. Only 24-hour participants can have a pace runner (and only after 9pm) and any crew needs to stay near your car for COVID-19 safety and lots of room for participants on the course. The ah-mazing aid station volunteers will cook up hot food (burgers, quesadillas, pancakes, bacon, and more) at racer’s request. Imagine being 1.05 miles away from fresh flapjacks.

How far could you go in 12 hours? What about 24 hours?

Prove it.

Bristow 24/12 Run (Eugene)
• When: Saturday, June 19 with waves beginning at 9am
• Where: Elijah Bristow State Park (Dexter, OR 97431)
• Register: Online
• Packet Pick-Up: Race Day 8-8:30am
• Cost: 24-hour for $200. 12-hour for $160. $10 increase on race day.

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