A Run Oregon review of the Purple Mattress – Investing in Rest as a Part of my Running Training


It’s been almost a month since we first started sleeping on a Purple Mattress. You may recall that, at the time, I was tired of being tired (and sore) from an old spring bed that was first purchased three presidential terms ago. It was high time to listen to not only my own body, but to the many articles and posts out there about runners needing good sleep to optimize their performance – and just generally feel better all the way around. To be honest, from the moment our heads hits the pillow, till the moment we lift it up, we are filling the tank for our days – whatever that may bring. We made the decision to Invest in Rest and start living better.

Before going much further, let’s talk briefly about main aspect of the mattresses – the Purple Grid. This design makes the mattress ultra responsive – basically it strives to moves with you instead of against you. That means that it is firm where you need it to be and soft in other areas – with your body assisting in dictating that need, not the mattress. The Grid is really an interesting construction and comes with 1800+ square “air channels” designed for airflow so you sleep cool and comfortable.

But is it comfortable? For me, that answer became a resounding yes. I have had historical back pain – which is part of the reason we desperately needed to upgrade our mattress – and have needed more support than the springy or “cloud-like” mattresses out there. The first few days were a bit of a “learning curve”, as it was very different that what we had been sleeping on. However, over time, it is 100% evident that both me and my wife are sleeping better. I used to wake myself up multiple times during the night, and thus my wife as well, but even she reports that this has significantly diminished. Basically, we are able to be supported and move independently of each other with the Purple Mattress and it is firm where I need and soft where I want.

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I also found that my temperature was also much more regulated. In the past, at least some of my continual waking up during the night has been a result of being too hot or too cold – and then needing to adjust my body or my blankets to fall back asleep. Not so with the Purple Mattress. It is evident to me that the 1800+ channels keep the air flowing freely and continually regulating as opposed to the hard and firm mattresses out there. Whatever the science is behind these sweet little grides, I approve.

The Purple Mattress is investment – an investment in yourself as a runner. As we understand the 3 core values for better living are sleep, diet, and exercise, why do most of us just invest in 2 of the 3? A purchase currently comes with free sheets, and there are often deals that will include pillows, protectors, and even some discounts. There is also a 100 night trial, as well as a10-year warranty, ensuring that you get out of it what you need.


  • Purple Mattress (starting at $599)
    • signature 2″ gel flex Grid pairs with dual-layered comfort foam
  • Purple Hybrid (starting at $1399)
    • signature 2″ gel flex Grid and wrapped premium coils
  • Purple Hybrid Premier (starting at $1999)
    • 3″ or 4″ gel flex Grid supported by premium coils

If you are looking for even more ways to shift up your sleeping, Purple also has bundles available (which come at a discount) that include foundationssheetsmattress protectors, and pillows).

Find your perfect mattress match here.


Thank you to Purple for providing a sample and allowing us to review it.

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