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After a good pair of running shoes, the most essential thing for a female runner is the sports bra. It is the piece of clothing that is going to most impact comfort, confidence, and not ending the run with bruises in all sorts of new places.

In opening the package from Branwyn Performance Innerwear, I could tell immediately that comfort was handled. The cloth for the hipster underwear and bralette were some of the softest materials I had ever felt. And knowing they were for athletes was just a treat. Branwyn clearly had the needs of women in mind from the fabrics to the materials to the marketing. I loved that the website included diverse models and clearly indicated who was wearing what size. The models were normal human beings, with stretch marks and imperfections. Just Like Me!

After trying out the bralette, I found that it was very comfortable and very easy to clean. It wasn’t supportive enough for me and running. Instead, I think these pieces will be great for relaxing at home or some calming yoga on rest days.

Over all, I just appreciated so much about what Branwyn is doing as a company. They highlight three main values: commitment, materials, and sustainability. The language used throughout the website was very clear and engaging. The reviews on the website highlighted customer experiences, with those who had negative experiences being responded to with support and next steps. And it has to be said again: I loved those models for the brand.


By women, for women. That’s BRANWYN. We believe that every girl and woman has the power within to be her best in life and in sport regardless of her shape, size, age, race, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation. Period. We believe that when women empower each other, we empower the world.

On the inside of the bralette and hipster underwear (or innerwear as Branwyn calls it) is a stitched quote: STAY GLDN. Thanks to a little internet searching, I learned that the phrase was to reflect a quote from The Outsiders where one character encourages another to remain innocent (like gold) and no get tarnished by the world. A lovely encouragement to pursue a bit more goodness in life.


Branwyn Performance Innerwear
• Essential Bralette: $38
• Essential Hipster: $34
• GLDNspun Merino Blend (81% merino wool, 12% nylon, 7% spandex) that’s naturally moisture-wicking and odor resistant.
• Machine washable and dryable.
• Merino wool from ethically raised sheep in Australia. Yarn is engineered and spun by Sudwolle in Germany after which it is sent to Istanbul, Turkey to be knit, dyed, constructed prior to being shipped to HQ in Portland, Oregon.

Thank you to Branwyn for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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