Bad sleep getting in the way of your workouts? Invest in Rest with Purple and their National Sleep Awareness Week


I am sure we have all heard of, or seen, Purple in stores or online. I consider them one of, if not THE, pioneer in new mattress technology. Why? Because they have the innovative Purple Grid.

The Purple Grid 

  • Soft and firm at the same time for comfort and support 
  • Dynamically adapts to your body, no matter your sleep position or body type 
  • Temperature-neutral, – aka don’t overheat or freeze 
  • Perfect for couples with different comfort preferences and sleep positions.

But did you know that Purple now has three different types of mattresses – each with different price points, foam density, and construction? I didn’t, until now.

  • Purple Mattress (starting at $599)
    • signature 2″ gel flex Grid pairs with dual-layered comfort foam
  • Purple Hybrid (starting at $1399)
    • signature 2″ gel flex Grid and wrapped premium coils
  • Purple Hybrid Premier (starting at $1999)
    • 3″ or 4″ gel flex Grid supported by premium coils

If you are looking for even more ways to shift up your sleeping, Purple also has bundles available (which come at a discount) that include foundations, sheets, mattress protectors, and pillows).

Find your perfect mattress match here.

We will be trying out a few items over the next few weeks and are confident that our experience will finally pull us out of our workout-draining sleep issues and place us firmly get us rested, recovered, and optimally performing on the roads (and trails) ahead.


Thank you to Purple for providing sample items for review. Please view our transparancy page for details.


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