What Run Oregon is Trying: Sharper Image Powerboost Percussion Deep Tissue Massage Gun


I am new to the massage gun world. I have seen it being promoted at many a post-race cool down area, and have seen some Peloton instructors use prior to their workouts, but its not something I have tried out before. At least one Run Oregon blogger has tested them out for us before, but this is my first foray into this world. In a COVID-19 world, lots of stuff is crappy – but one thing I have personally been focusing on is doing some self care that I haven’t felt I have had “time” for before – like stretching, rolling, and muscle massaging. Truth is, I have always had time for it, but it was just something I could pass off knowing that I didn’t really want to do it. But now there are no excuses and the Sharper Image Powerboost Percussion Deep Tissue Massage Gun has been put to the test.

The Size:

I don’t have a ton of experience with massage gun sizing overall, but this one seemed in line with most others I have seen out there. It’s big enough to provide power and feel like it’s actually solidly constructed and built to last, yet not overpowering that I fell I need a second pair of hands to hold it. It’s not light, per se, but I found it manageable enough to not be fatigued when using it.

The Massage Heads:

The gun comes with five separate heads – each with a more specific purpose to their design and shape. I don’t know if they have “official” names, but I would classify them as:

  • Bulb
  • Point
  • Flat
  • Chisel
  • Horseshoe

Obviously, this is just made up, but you get the idea. I have been playing around with these and have found certain trouble spots on my body that each of these seems to do well with. For example, I enjoy using the bulb on my hamstrings and things, the point for getting deep into my hip flexors, the chisel for kneading out my calves, the horseshoe for my achilles, and the flat works great for my forearms after upper body workouts. There are plenty of other body parts and combinations of heads, and that’s really the benefit of having numerous head types.

The Speed Settings:

There are 3 deep tissue massage speeds to select. This is done simply from the back of the gun, with a button that moves through all three and a light that indicates what intensity you are at. You cycle through them in order, so there is no way to immediately select the most intense speed from the outset – an extremely, almost non-existent, issue. Sharper image claims to have “anti-stall electronics” which is essentially tech that is designed to keep the massage intensity up under the heaviest use. I don’t know how it all works, but I definitely have no complaints about the function at any speed.


The Noise Level: 

In my head, I expected this gun to be super loud. I am not really sure where that idea cam from, but the expectation was some sort of dental-type whirring. This was (obviously) not the case, but it was even quieter than I ever would have expected a massage gun to be. So quiet, in fact, that I was able to do this in my bedroom one night while my wife slept – and never woke up. It obviously get a little louder as it starts on the body, but overall the lack of noise was a pleasant surprise.

The Battery:

This is simple to report on. I don’t use this gone for hours on end every day – mostly in bite-sized chunks throughout the day and pre- and post-workout. All I have to do is plug it in to charge and I easily achieved the lithium ion batteries 4.5 hours of usage before needing to recharge – and this took me a while. For the final few days, I kept thinking that the battery must be close to running out – but it kept going much to my appreciation. With the number of things in life that require constant power and charging, it was nice to have something that keeps on going – especially an item I am not using all the time.

The Performance:

As you can tell, I have been a big fan of this massage gun. As someone who has never tried this type of product before, I can say that it is simple, effective, and worth the investment. As someone who is not the biggest fan of rolling (I know, I know), a massage gun is a great alternative and I found more effective in some spots on my body. I could really get deep into my calves with this gun – way more so than I have been able to with a standard foam roller.

The carrying case (11.6″H x 4.1″W x 11.7″D) is also really nice and well-constructed, and keeps things organized making it simple and easy to toss in a car, or even a backpack, to utilize pre-and/or post-run. Overall, I this massage gun FAR exceeded the expectations I had and I think my body will thanks me as a result. It’s also a relatively cheap option compared to some bigger brands out there. Christmas is coming and you could do FAR worse than sticking one of these in a stocking or under the tree for the runner in your life.

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