BUFF is helping deal with wildfires and global pandemics with their new Filter Mask

Wearing a mask is the smart, kind thing to do – even while running. So recently we set out to try various masks specifically made for running and/or by running companies.

Its the year 2020 and with a global pandemic and the raging wildfires in Oregon – it’s mask reviewing season for runners. We recently received a Filter Mask from BUFF, who you know probably as the maker of great running headwear and…well…Buffs, and now masks.

Here’s a little bit about this mask:

BUFF® Brand teams globally felt the immediate impact of the virus’ surge throughout Europe early in the year, especially at the brands headquarters in Spain. As employees were sent home for safety precautions and production paused, brainstorming ways to provide aid began. While the pandemic continued to unfold around the world, it became clear that communities already struggling with access to healthcare would suffer greatly, particularly children in those areas. The realization sparked the idea for both the manufacturing of the newly introduced BUFF® Filter Mask and BUFF® Replacement Filter kits, available in both adult and junior, and the increased support of an existing partnership with international relief organization, UNICEF.

BUFF® is expanding support by pledging two percent of its worldwide profits from 2020 to UNICEF. Part of the proceeds will come from sales of the newly launched BUFF® Filter Mask.

This is one of the lightest masks I have worn and would be ideal for a running trails (when it’s safe to do so – don’t venture out in smokey or at-risk areas right now). It can be a small pain to pull the double strap over the head on and off multiple times, so I would recommend these for times when you would expect to be wearing it for a while – say when running or during a trip to the grocery store. It fits really snugly once you get it to the right size and I experiences less glasses fogging than many of my other masks.

One of the biggest upgrades is the ability to add a filter to it, something that sometimes feels like a necessity nowadays. With the filter and materials, it blocks 98% of airborne particulates and the fabric treatment on the inside mesh helps to reduce the build-up of bacteria and germs.

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More about BUFF:

It all began in 1991 on a bike. Charged with a passion for motorcycles, our founder, Joan Rojas, sought to find a solution to keep his neck and head protected on his cross-country rides. Plucking from his knowledge of tubular knitting, he churned out the first BUFF® ® headwear product, focusing on supreme craftsmanship, and tested it as he traveled the length of the Pyrenees. BUFF® ® , short for bufanda, which means “scarf” in Spanish, was born.

Partnering with superior manufacturers of raw materials, over the past 25 years, BUFF® ® has premiered and innovated the tubular headwear category. Our company-owned factory, which is located downstairs of our headquarters in Spain, allows us to ensure that, start to finish, excellence is built into every product.

Today, just as then, BUFF® ® headwear is a product built on this ethos of quality; it’s in the marrow of our company.

Technology has progressed and the industry of textiles has moved into a new age, and we have evolved with it. While we incorporate state-of-the-art fabric technologies, like COOLMAX® and Polygeine®, into our products, we stick to our heritage of quality and reliability. It’s these time-tested qualities that athletes and outdoor enthusiasts from an array of sports depend on, and why BUFF® ® is the original multifunctional headwear.

Thank you to BUFF for providing us with a sample mask. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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