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I am a runner who likes to supplement with protein power a few times a week. My biggest hangup is finding one that not only taste great, but doesn’t have unnecessary additives. I’ve tried many I actually like, but there’s always additives I don’t want to put in my body and or cause that “bloating” feeling. Ugh! I’ve also tired some, that have much better ingredients, but has a grittiness and or aftertaste I can’t handle. I tend to buy, use for a few weeks and then they sit on my shelf collecting dust. 

I agreed to try Drink Wholesome, in hopes of finding a product that would meet all my needs. I was sent two bottles to try, both the Mocha and the PB Coconut and tried both out after a good run. As I mixed it up, I expected to be disappointed as I am so picky with my protein powder. I mixed the powder with my liquid in a protein mixer bottle with a whisk ball in it, followed by a handmix for a good minute or two (as I don’t care to get a mouthful of clumps). I was pleased to find that the powder mixed up just fine. I did add some ice to help with the mixing – plus I like my shakes extra cold. This is a “dairy free” mix, so the directions call for a “dairy free” liquid such as coconut milk or almond milk. I would add, if you aren’t opposed to dairy, it would mix just fine with regular milk.

I drank the PB Coconut flavor first and my first though was, “this isn’t gross”! Ha! I drank the whole thing without issues and it left me excited to try the Mocha as I ended up really enjoying the taste. I didn’t get any grittiness and it helped me feel full.

I had already looked at the ingredients and was very impressed. Drink Wholesome uses free range egg whites, chickpeas, coffee, cocoa, maple sugar, sea-salt, monk-fruit, and coconut. This isn’t a “whey” protein, so if you’ve experienced that “bloating” feeling after drinking that kind protein, this may be your prefect find. You will NOT find any artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, preservatives, anti-caking or gelling agents in any of their products. They also make up their protein in small batches, and I find that, in my home, the smaller batches seem to make better tasting results. That’s just from my own kitchen experience.

Some exciting news! Just this last week Drink Wholesome launched a Vegan option in the PB Chocolate flavor. I have yet to try this flavor but I am looking forward to trying it soon. I am so excited about this, as vegan options fit into so many peoples dietary needs safely.

After trying this product,  I would use for not only training, but for living a healthy active lifestyle. It’s easy to mix quickly for on the go and so easy to grab and mix right after a workout when the protein is so important. I not only recommend this product, but will be using it in the near future.

Drink Wholesome:

  • 20 serving bag of either Mocha or PB Coconut for $38.50 + free shipping
  • 14 serving bag of PB Chocolate Vegan powder for $27.50
    • Click here to order YOUR free sample.

You can find Drink Wholesome on Facebook here. On Instagram here.


Thank you Drink Wholesome for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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