Race Preview: 2020 Pacific Crest Endurance Sports Festival (Virtual)

As most races have this year, the 2020 Pacific Crest Endurance Sports Festival has been turned into a virtual event due to COVID-19. Of course folks are bummed that they won’t be able to travel to Central Oregon for this super fun event this year, but that doesn’t mean that we all need to stop racing. WHY Racing Events has turned up the volume on the swag to show that they appreciate your support and to motivate you to keep on keeping on.

The Pacific Crest Endurance Sports Festival will be WHY Racing’s 5th virtual event, and as someone who jumped on the bandwagon early on for their Spring Classic, I have to say that in my experience they do it very well. They’ve got a few of these virtuals under their belt now, and if you’re on the fence about trying one, this would be a great place to start.

You have the option of doing any of the Pacific Crest events between June 19th and July 4th, and you can do it anywhere that you wish. If you are one of those beasts that wants to do more than one event, you’ll get rewarded for that too. In fact, the more you do, the better the reward.

All participants in this year’s Pacific Crest event will receive a collector’s item big beach towel, a draw string bag, and a Made in the USA Medal. 5k/10k runners will get a racing tank and half marathon/marathon/28k/50k/Tour de Crest athletes will get a technical finisher’s shirt. Olympic/UltraSprint MultiSport participants get a hoody and water bottle, and lastly Beastman MultiSport athletes will get EVERYTHING mentioned above plus a quarterzip shirt.

If you wish to go for the BEAST CHALLENGE, you’ll get a “Beast” medal or triple-headed Beast medal depending on how many events you choose to participate in. If you choose to perform in more than one event, you’ll receive 25% off each additional event. The best part of this race being virtual is that you can do multiple events over that timespan of June 19th and July 4th and any combination of events counts.

If you know anything about the Pacific Crest Festival, you know that there are a ton of options as to what events you can participate in. For this year’s virtual running options, you can participate in a 5k, a 10k, a half marathon, a full marathon, a 28k, or a 50k. If you’re looking for other options, there’s a Tour de Crest, an Olympic or UltraSprint Multisport, a Beastman 72.3, and relay options. There are kids Tri and Kids runs too. For more info about specific events, check out the event website.

All proceeds from the kids races will go to Care for Kids, which is a great cause, and $5 from each adult registration will go to Team In Training to support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Set up a fundraising page when you register for an event as well and get donations for some awesome organizations.

Specific guidelines for each virtual race and distance, (including all the rules and “how to” instructions for the Triahlon and AquaBike,) will be provided in the future and will be affected by whether or not local pools will be open during the event timeline.

To make this more like a race experience, send in all your pictures, videos, and your results. WHY Racing will be making an official phone album and hosting a virtual awards ceremony. There will be prizes and challenges leading up to the event and throughout the race period as well. WHY Racing is doing their part to bring the community of racing to you in a time where we need people the most.



What: 2020 Pacific Crest Endurance Sports Festival 

When: Anytime between June 19th and July 4th, 2020

Where: Your chosen location!!

Cost: $55 for 5k/10k, $65 for Marathon/Half Marathon/Trail runs/Tour de Crest, $80 for Olympic /UltraSprint Multisport, $120 for Beastman 72.3, $25 for Kids Tri/Runs

Register: Here


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