Stumptown Quarantine 5k Starts Today – Free Virtual Race

My favorite thing about running races is the friend aspect: carpooling, hanging out together afterwards, and maybe even racing together. Recently, local races have switched to virtual races due to COVID-19 restrictions, and races are no longer a way to get together with friends on weekends. It’s still fun to compare your times with friends, but something’s been missing … until this week!

Starting today and through May 16th, you can sign up for the free Stumptown Quarantine 5k. This is a virtual 5k in which you sign up as both an individual and on a team, and you’ll be scored in both categories as well. Scoring is done XC-style, with points earned for where you place — finish 4th and get four points. Finish 27th and get 27 points. You get the picture!

You can run any 5k and submit your race time between now and 11:59p on the 16th, and your run must be recorded on Strava or Garmin Connect. (You can sign up for Strava for free, and be sure to also join the Run Oregon Strava Club.) While many virtual races just require a picture of your watch, this one is verified, so be sure your watch is charged before you go run. There are just a few guidelines for your race:

  • The start/finish have to be within a half-mile of each other
  • The max distance on a track is 400 meters

Your team doesn’t have to be a club from the area – you can get together with friends and make your own team. Name it after your dog, make up a word with the first letters of your names, or leverage a good private joke.

So find or create a team, sign up online here (for free, remember!), plan your route, and get moving!

The Stumptown Quaratine 5k is organized by Team Red Lizard, a local running club.

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