Maho Shades – Reducing all shades to $95 through April and donating 2% to combat COVID-19!


I am pretty picky when it comes to my sunglasses, and have tried a few more “expensive” pairs over the years – to pretty disappointing results. Sadly, I have found that most cheap eyewear fit and feel as good as most of the pricier options I have tried – so what’s the point of the investment? Well with Maho‘s new Zuma Fit line, I think I may have found that perfect sweet spot of style, comfort, without significantly breaking the bank. And if I can get glasses that work for me, and I will be happy to use these year after year, I am more than willing to make the investment.

There are a variety of styles in Maho’s Zuma Fit collection, and I tried out the Sundance Model – an cool aviator style that has a little bit of throwback flair with modern construction. It’s probably important to discuss first and foremost what Zuma fit is. In Maho’s own words:

The Zuma fit is patent-pending and the retention system features nose and ear pads made from a proprietary thermoplastic elastomer. This material repels liquids, making it stickier when wet than dry, and is chemical resistant, making it stand up to sweat and corrosion.

Styles incorporating the Zuma Fit include the new Charleston 2Cabo 2SundancePositano, and Tulum. Each pair features polarized lenses that are exceptionally clear, scratch-resistant, and oleo hydrophobic (meaning they repel oil and water). The frames are made from 100% sustainably sourced and biodegradable Mazzuchelli acetate, one of the oldest manufacturers of Zyl acetate in the world from Italy.

In my own words, it is construction to to create sunglasses that ACTUALLY stay on your face. And in doing some research on Zyl Acetate, it’s pretty neat as it is a material derived from wood pulp and natural cotton fibers (both renewable resources) and the hue is actually ingrained on the frames, instead of being sprayed or printed on like other glasses, making them impossible to fade over time. And if you have sensitivities to petroleum-based products on your skin or face, these will keep that from becoming an issue.


Maho lenses are different from many others out there as they use trivex, an extremely tough, durable, and scratch resistant lens. They rival polycarbonate lenses as the safest ones out there, but are exceptionally clear and comfortable. They are also scratch resistent, coated with anti-reflective to reduce glare, and treated with a special layer to repel liquid and sweat.

Though not specifically designated for running, I did put them through some testing with short runs and some gardening and I can attest that they have done very admirable at staying in place, all without squeezing my nose tight.

There are tons of styles out there for both males and females, as well as prescription options. Even sweeter is the fact that they offer a Lifetime Warranty, complete with replacement pairs for only $40.

There is a lot of awesome stuff to love about Maho and their shades, but they are taking things a step further by dropping prices of all of their glasses to $95 and pledging to donate 2% of all sales to the United Way Community Crisis Fund.

The world is going through an unprecedented crisis that is bringing the economy—and the consumer spending that supports it—to a halt. This chain reaction has grave implications for our globalized world and especially impacts small businesses that drive innovation and keep the economy afloat.

As you continue to support the digitally native brands you rely on, we pledge to take that support and pay it forward to those on the front lines of the health crisis, in addition to our employees and suppliers.

Company: Maho (Instagram)

Products and Price:

  • Sundance Marble ($199) $95 through April!
    • Size 56-15-147
    • Polarized Rose Mirror Lens
    • Handcrafted, Sustainable Acetate and Stainless Steel Frames
    • Three barrel stainless steel hinges
    • 100% UBA / UVB Protection

More About Maho:

Maho Shades launched in January 2016 in the Virgin Islands by Kris and Alex Anderson. One day on Maho Bay, when after a few cocktails, they each lost an expensive pair of sunglasses while paddleboarding. Instead of making the switch to cheap, low quality shades, they took the much harder path of designing a line of ultra-premium quality shades at a reasonable price point, backed by a lifetime warranty. Each pair is named after cities that their family travels have taken them. Maho Shades has created beautiful, fashion-forward styles, incredible lenses and quality materials for a reasonable price, with total transparency with their materials and offerings and a great warranty (only $40 to replace a pair). Watch out Luxxotica!

Thank you to Maho for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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