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While I have a ton of really great running apparel, I am finding out during this stay-at-home time that I am sorely lacking in workout gear for activities like HIIT, weight lifting, and the like.

This past year, I was going to the gym ~3 days/week, so it was easy to do laundry and cycle through my handful of options and be ready for the subsequent 3-day session. However, now that I am sequestered, I am finding myself doing a variety of workouts where there is down time – and there’s a LOT of downtime. I am utilizing a free Peloton membership, supporting Yoga + Beer sessions via Zoom, going for an abnormal amount of long walks, and overall just being more active over the course of a day. So that means that I am running out of options.

Luckily for me, we connected with Willy Willy California, an apparel company that focuses on activewear for men. From polos to hoodies to workout gear, their performance fabrics (complete with running-friendly features like “moisture-wicking”, “anti-microbial”, and “four-way stretch”) is top-notch. We were sent a pair of their Workout Shorts and The Workout Tee.

I think I may be in love with the Workout Shorts. First of all, thought there are four color varieties (that vary in blues and blacks colorways), the Malibu is a beautiful light blue that is really sharp. Obviously, looks aren’t everything, but it sure helps that I love putting them on. The feel is also fantastic. They are a super lightweight poly/spandex construction that has held up well to some pretty heat-inducing workouts in my garage and kept me comfortable in the process. On their website, it states “so comfortable, you might forget you are wearing them”. I honestly could not agree more – they just fit and feel so great it makes the workouts even better.

The Workout Shirt is a great crossover top that can easily be used as a running/workout option, as well as crisp and clean enough as an everyday tee. Though I love a little flair in my clothing, the simple look really works.

The fit itself, while on the slim side, is not a dramatic as other similar tops in this category. The sleeves wear a little tighter, as well as the chest and shoulders, but it’s not constricting and doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing sausage casing, as some slim-fits can be on me. I’d recommend sizing up if you want a looser fit. I also appreciate the fact that it provides UV50 protection – something I have been more cognizant about in my clothing since my dad passed away from Skin Cancer last year.

While it’s not a local Oregon company, Willy California is made on the West Coast in LA and have partnered with factories in the Angel City to make sure things stay as local as possible.

And, though this has been highlighted a few times in this post, Willy is donating 10% of every sale to No Kid Hungry’s Coronavirus Response AND donating 3 masks to healthcare workers with each purchase. We can all get behind that.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the protective equipment that keeps our doctors, nurses, emergency medical workers and patients safe is rapidly depleting. As a small business that manufactures our full line in California, we feel that it is imperative to get involved and give back where we can. We have paused production at one of our factories to make protective masks. Your donation will send 3 masks to emergency medical workers on the front lines.

These masks are fabricated with a double layer of super soft fabric and plush elastic ear straps for optimal comfort. They have a built-in compartment which can house a medical disposable filter insert and are washable.

Note: These masks are fashioned from cloth and are not medical grade. However, due to nationwide shortages and overwhelming demand for protective equipment, hospitals have indicated to us that there is still a great need and they would be delighted to receive Willy cloth masks.

Overall, I have been really enjoying these since receiving and I am thrilled I have another few items to keep my workouts going strong

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WILLY is designed and made in Los Angeles. Why? We think a better place is hard to find. Our clothes are made for the California lifestyle: active, innovative, and doing your own thing. It took over three years of development to land on our core collection. Our fits are based on extensive research and obsessive attention to detail so we’ve partnered with factories in Los Angeles so that we can stay involved and make sure things turn out right. We choose our materials based on performance and feel, and source textiles from a handful of mills that we trust. We named our colors after our favorite places across the state that have played an important part in our lives. We want you to wear WILLY all the time, so it’s made with that level of quality in mind.


Many thanks to Willy California for allowing us to check out their product! Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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