2020 Races on our Radar: February 5

This is our weekly (usually) post highlighting low-cost races, races that may cost more but for a cause we think is important, and price increases or deadlines. We usually do the upcoming weekend and the one after that, so if you’re feeling good and want to jump in a race without blowing your budget, these are good options! Check the full Run Oregon Race Calendar here.

We consider a race to be low cost based on the distance/price. We may also include a race that has sweet swag for the cost. Here are the thresholds we use:

  • 5k: $20 and under
  • 10k: $30 and under
  • Half Marathon: $40 and under
  • Marathon: $70 and under

We would like to you hear from you if you know of a race we’re missing. Let us know about it via email, insta, or facebook!

This weekend:

  • Clark County Running Club’s Heritage Trail Runs are on Saturday, Feb 8 and offers 3-mile, 5-mile, 7-mile, and 10-mile options. Registration is $2 for non-CCRC members and free for members.
  • Remember you can always hop into a parkrun 5k – free, but you must register online ahead of time.
  • The Rogue River Half Marathon on Feb 8 is only $35 and there’s a 5k for just $20. The races are in Rogue River, which is in Jackson County.
  • There is a free kid’s mile (for ages 10 and under) at the Sweet Home Sweetheart Run on Saturday the 8th. (There are adult races, too – a 5k for $25 and a 10k for $35, if you sign up before Feb 2.)
  • Another race on the 8th is The Dalles’ Columbia River Valentine’s Run, offering a 3k, 5k, and 10k. This race raises funds for a local elementary school’s PE program. Prices aren’t listed but this has historically been less than $15 to run.
  • On Sunday the 9th, CORK is hosting another Hot Cocoa Run from Loge Entrada at 9a. This is a free group run.
  • The next race in the Ardor Adventures Winter Trail Series in Newport is on Tuesday, February 11. You can sign up for individual races for just $20.

Next weekend:

  • There’s always parkrun … a free 5k on the Rock Creek Trail every Saturday at 9a.
  • The Couples Classic is running on the 15th in Eugene and pre-registration is only $15! If you forget to sign up early for this 5k, DOR is still only $20.
  • The Zena Road Runs are on Sunday, February 16 near Salem, offering a 3-miler, 6-miler, and 15k for $35.

Price bumps:

  • Register by February 10 to get a free shirt with your entry to the Three Capes Relay, running on February 29. A 5-person team is $175, but there are also solo and pair options.
  • Sign up for the Couve Clover Run by February 14 to save money on registration. Until then, the 3-miler is $45, the 7-miler is $65, and the 10-miler is $75. The race is on Sunday, March 22 in Vancouver.
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