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This is our weekly (usually) post highlighting low-cost races, races that may cost more but for a cause we think is important, and price increases or deadlines. We usually do the upcoming weekend and the one after that, so if you’re feeling good and want to jump in a race without blowing your budget, these are good options! Check the full Run Oregon Race Calendar here.

We consider a race to be low cost based on the distance/price. We may also include a race that has sweet swag for the cost. Here are the thresholds we use:

  • 5k: $20 and under
  • 10k: $30 and under
  • Half Marathon: $40 and under
  • Marathon: $70 and under

We would like to you hear from you if you know of a race we’re missing. Let us know about it via email, insta, or facebook!

This weekend

  • Head to Camus, Wash. on Saturday, January 25th for the Columbia Gorge Running Club’s Washougal Greens Runs. There is a 3-mile and a 6-mile. Pricing isn’t posted on the website, but in the past it’s been free for CGRC members and only a few dollars for non-members.
  • Also this Saturday is the Run With Grace 5k in Medford, which is only $20 as long as you sign up by 7p PT on January 22nd.
  • You can also join in the MAD Ass Run in Madrass on the 25th. Like any true Fat Ass run, there’s no registration charge. Some participants will do the marked 25k or 50k distances, but you can do any distance you would like on this out-and-back unsupported course.
  • Sunday, January 26th is the Race for Warmth in Vancouver. There’s a 5k and a 10k, both priced at $30, which puts the 10k in our “low-cost” category.
  • It’s on a Tuesday, but the 2nd race in the Winter Trail Series in Newport is on the 28th at 6p. Registration is open from 5:15-5:45p and is cash-only. The distances vary by race but each is only $20.
  • HEADS UP Registration for the Vancouver Lake Half is open. The race is on Sunday, February 23 and the half is $35. There is also a 4-miler for $25.

Next Weekend

  • On Saturday, February 1, you can run the Roaring Run Half Marathon in Scio for $47. There’s also a 10k and 5k, but the Half is why this race makes our list of low-cost races.
  • Of course there’s a ParkRun 5k – free, but you must register online ahead of time.
  • Why not run a free half marathon (or whatever distance) on a metric track to celebrate with local (dare we say … legendary?) runner Bill Aronson to help celebrate his birthday? The BATH (Bill Aronson Track Half) is on Sunday, February 2 at Duniway Track. The official start is at 8:15a. In all seriousness, though, track rules apply (pass on the outside, move to outer lanes when you’re not racing) and this is a chance to run with some fast folks if you’re looking to test your speed.

Price bumps

  • The price for the Lincoln City Half and 10k goes up on January 31. Until then, the half is $50 and the 10k is $40. The race is on Saturday, April 4.
  • Sweet Home’s Sweetheart Run scheduled on February 8 has a price increase on February 1. The 5k goes from $25 to $30 and the 10k goes from $35-$40.
  • The Heartbreaker Half will have a price increase on February 2. Until then the half is $79, the 10k is $59, and the 5k is $44. After that, the half is $89, the 10k is $64, and the 5k is $49.
  • Be sure to sign your team up for the Three Capes Relay by February 10 to get your shirts! The 5-person marathon relay is on February 29, starting in Tillamook.
  • The Wurst Run 5k/10k, which will take place on February 22, will have a price increase on January 31. Until then, run either the 5k or 10k for $28. This race is in Mt. Angel.
  • On February 25, the price for the Rip City Race for the Roses will go up. Until then, the half is $75, the 10k if $55 and the 5k is $40. The race is Sunday, April 26.
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