Product Review: Tailwind Rebuild Coffee

Distance-runner coffee lovers rejoice … On January 6, 2020, you’ll be able to try the latest flavor from Tailwind Rebuild Recovery — Coffee!

We realized that this sample needed to be thoroughly tested by someone who could do justice to the awesomeness of this product, so I asked my very good friend Marya Van Metre, who recently completed the Javelina 100 and has been a Tailwind devotee for years. Marya has reviewed things for the blog on an occasional basis – mainly when it’s a product that is likely to be used by marathoners or ultra-runners. She also loves coffee. Here’s what she says about Tailwind Nutrition’s latest:

I’ve used Tailwind Recovery in the past after long runs and tough workouts. I find it really handy for when I’m far from home and need to refuel before I can make it home for a full meal. It’s really easy to use — Just empty the contents of the package into a bottle and add water. You can even prep it before your run since it’s good for up to 24 hours after mixing.

Previously, there were 2 flavors: chocolate and vanilla, but I had the opportunity to try a new flavor: coffee. Vanilla has been my favorite flavor, but I was excited to try something new. My first impression was that it had a strong flavor, and it definitely tasted like a mocha to me. I think I still prefer the vanilla flavor as I don’t like too much flavor when I finish a hard workout, but I did think it tasted good overall.

Tailwind Nutrition’s Rebuild Coffee has 80 mg of caffeine and is made from real coffee beans, adding a little variety to the company’s flavor line-up. Rebuild is the first recovery drink based on a patent-pending complete protein–an organic rice and coconut milk-based formula designed to restore energy and help muscles recover after exercise. And, just like all of Tailwind Nutrition’s products, it is Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and soy and dairy free.

You’ll be able to order the Coffee flavor of Rebuild in early 2020 through their website, and local running stores are sure to start carrying it soon. Single-serving packs are $3/ea and the bag, which contains enough for 15 servings, is $38.99.

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