Race Preview: 2020 Winter Predictor (Eugene)

While most runners know how fast they can run a mile, very few of us would be able to say how fast they are at 3.73 miles or 8.06 miles. And in case you’re trying to do the math, that’s 6K and 13K. And good luck at that math because I couldn’t figure it out.

Those strange equations and distances are exactly what you are challenged to conquer at the 2020 Winter Predictor event in Eugene, Oregon. Rather than competing to be fastest, your goal is to be rightest. No watches allowed; only (and this is from the race directors) calendars, hourglasses, and sun-dials.

There are lots of awards at this event, including for the closest 25 participants in each distance and special bonuses for the top finishers and closest predictors. Plus, there are awards for those who guess the closest at some intermediate timing spots (10K for the 13K distance, and 5K for the 6K participants). If anyone finishes exactly at their predicted time, that person will win $100 (if there is more than one amazing predictor, a drawing will be used to choose who gets the prize).

Start practicing those new interval distances and see how consistent you can be on January 18.

Winter Predictor (Eugene)
When: Saturday, January 18 at Noon
Where: Eclectic Edge Racing Headquarters (750 Commercial Street)
Register: Online
Packet Pick-Up: Race Day 10:30-11:45am.
Cost: $25 for 6K or 13K

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