Race Preview: 2020 Run Wild Adventures New Year’s Day Hangover Run Salem

Waking up on New Year’s Day after staying up late, imbibing in alcoholic beverages, and probably not feeling great is usually a great reason to stay in bed and sleep in a little longer than normal. However, you could take a different route with a little hair of the dog and a fun run 3K, or even better for those 21+ runners, the Beer Mile.

The Beer Mile consists of participants drinking a 12 oz beer and then running 1/4 mile, drinking another, running another 1/4 mile, repeated for 4 total laps and beers consumed. In this race, if you vomit before completing your mile, a penalty lap is added before you can finish. The 3K race is a standard gravel/trail flat and fast course with an aid station at mile 1 stocked with adult beverages for those 21 and over.

If you’re a masochist as us runners sometimes tend to be (I mean who likes waking up at 5 AM to go run in the rain just because?), then put this inexpensive and fun race on your calendar and drag yourself out to be hungover in good company!

When: 10:00 AM for the 3K and 11:00 AM for the Beer Mile New Years Day, 2020

Where: 5787 Sunnyview Rd NE Salem, Oregon 97305

Cost: $15 for the 3K and Beer Mile

Register: Click Here

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