Race Preview: 2019 Bandersnatch 5K and Lewis Loop 10 Miler (Ashland)

For someone who primarily runs on city streets, trail running can sometimes feel like falling down a rabbit hole. Which is why I was so drawn to these upcoming races in Ashland, Oregon. Bandersnatch 5K and Lewis Loop 10 Miler are just the kind of events Alice wants to find when she is searching online, or through the looking glass.

Both events are described as challenging opportunities for the beginning trail runner, or for the experienced adventurer who wants some substantial elevation gains (and of course losses). The Bandersnatch 5K is a loop course through Lithia Park, with the first half primarily climbing up and the second half bringing you back down to the finish line. Bandersnatch Trail will lead you up to a ridgeline for amazing views as reward for all your hard work.

The longer event will provide you with even more impossibly-possible experiences. The challenging 10-mile distance has you running up Lower Red Queen, down Jub Jub, up Loop Road, down Caterpillar, around both Lewis Loops (and a quick out and back on the lookout trail), down Red Queen, climbing Gryphon, and finishing by running down Bandersnatch. Don’t get dizzy and trust that it is not the race that never ends (it just might feel like it for a mile or two).

“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” – The Mad Hatter

Bandersnatch 5K and Lewis Loop 10 Miler (Ashland)
When: Saturday, November 18. 10-miler at 9am. 5K at 9:30am.
Where: Lithia Park (59 Winburn Way)
Register: Online
Packet Pick-Up: Race Day
Cost: 5K for $35. 10-miler for $45.

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