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FITS is a premium sock brand resulting from the collaboration of third and fourth generation textile manufacturers to create the absolute best fitting sock in the marketplace as a response to an industry-wide epidemic of ill-fitting socks. Utilizing only the best raw materials available, FITS incorporates innovative, proprietary engineering and technology to create the most comfortable, best-fitting sock in the world. The result: a product line that embodies the crucial connection between fit and performance.

Drew: I seriously love getting new socks, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the way they feel on my feet, especially for that first run. I often buy new socks on a whim, just because I like the way they look, or because a fellow trail runner told me I had to have a pair. Regardless, new socks are always a welcome commodity.

While I have only ever tried the FITS brand one other time, I remember really liking how soft they were from the get go, but they didn’t seem to last long, having burned through a pair after having worn them just a few times. Perhaps I got a pair not made for the abuse I put stuff through, but I was definitely interested in giving them another try. In this case, I am testing the Micro Light Runner – Quarter sock in Steel Blue (same as in picture). I wear a size 9.5 in most shoes, so in this case I got a large pair. Made of 70% Merino wool, 23% nylon, 4% polyester and 3% Lycra spandex, the FITS socks have an excellent fit and feel, just like I remembered. But how would they hold up?

I tested them first on a fairly flat trail in the heat of the afternoon. Zero issues. The socks felt great, they didn’t slip and they do not heat up, thereby keeping my dry and comfy. Second test was a 25 mile, semi-hilly jaunt to test longevity. Again, the FITS kept my feet dry and remained comfortable from start to finish. Finally, I pushed them through a very hilly 13 mile affair and again found success. On steep hills, cheap socks will slip off your ankles, even quarter socks like these. The FITS socks not only stayed put, but again they kept my feet dry and comfortable. After nearly 50 miles and 3 solid runs, I am happy to report that I will most likely be picking up a few more pair of these to have in the drawer.

Cost/Where to Buy: $18.99 from the FITS website.

Ultra Light Runner - No Show

Mindy: I received the Ultra Light Runner – No Show from FITS . I was very excited to try these out. FITS has an amazing reputation in the running community. While designed for running, they also are great for hiking, walking and just about any other activity. The socks are engineered to fit with any shoe, molding perfectly to your foot. Hello no blisters! With an anti-itch, flame resistant material (made with merino wool), these socks are truly the best running socks. They even have moisture wicking and are odor resistant. They are made with 66% Merino wool, 27% Nylon, 5% Polyester and 2% Lycra Spandex.

Once I put these on, I was immediately impressed with the fit and comfort. I am a size 9.5-10 running shoe, and tried the medium. It fit perfectly! Once I put my running shoes on, I was ready to test. I decided to take a 5 mile run that had half pavement and half trail. I had no issues the entire run. In fact, I didn’t even notice the socks at all. After my run was finished, I took them off and was amazed at how dry my feet were. I am officially sold! FITS socks are now my go-to!

Cost/Where to Buy: $15.99 from the FITS website.


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