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Race Preview: 2019 Bear Creek 5K/10K (Vernonia)


The Bear Creek 5K/10K is an event that benefits the Vernonia Cares Food Bank. The Vernonia Cares food Bank is a Part of the Columbia Pacific Food Bank, and aims to provide three days worth of groceries one time a month for qualifying families. As orders for food are being processed, families can choose pastry and bread products as well. This food bank aims for a grocery store experience, allowing families to truly math their need with their eating habits so no food goes to waste.

The 10K and 5K courses are a beautiful mix of road, trial and path. Circling Vernonia Lake, runners will get a glimpse of this quaint local fishing hole, reminiscent of times past. Vernonia Lake is filled with bass, crappie, and bluegill. In the spring the lake is also stocked with rainbow trout. Since there is a kid’s fun run, you can easily make this race a family affair, so don’t forget to bring your poles! Even better, there are five primitive camping sites located near the lake, so make this race a weekend event. 

If you are a student, use the code “Student” at checkout for a $10 discount off the price of entry. 


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