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I’m sure it’s something we all realize when the warm weather hits – we need to stay protected from the sun. As runners, we are mostly hitting the streets and trails outside, and Oregon is about as beautiful a place in the country to do so. When my dad first was diagnosed with cancer 9 years ago, there was a small epiphany that I needed to be better about this. But, I was 26 at the time and though I had a child, I was still youthfully invincible. Now at 35, with my dad’s cancer recently returning, it has again hit home that I actually need to be serious about this. As a result, I am going to be highlighting some items over the summer that assist in protecting us from the sun – this time with a long sleeve top from Mammut.

It’s been weird to be wearing a log of long-sleeved shirts over the past month or so. It’s never been something I’ve really done before, so I am forcing myself to really delve into it. I will say that one thing that has surprised me is really how much technology has changed and the fact that long-sleeved warm-weather items are actually not that uncomfortable. The Sertig Longsleeve shirt is a new item I tried out, and it’s a nice lightweight option that should come in handy both this summer (its UPF 50+) and also as an option when the weather starts to turn about chillier.

It’s billed as a running top, and I would agree that it would be great in doing this. I think back to a run I did in the Oregon Badlands a few years back (a handful of miles east of Bend in the high desert) and remembered how the relenting sun and heat, coupled with sandy trails, really made the sun extra blistering. Though it’s a little thicker than a true second skin baselayer (which may not be a preference to some), it’s sun coverage and technology would have been perfect to stay safer out there.

The Sertig weighs only about 5 ounces and actually has an arm length that covered the entirety of my lengthy extremities. The polyester blend material is surprisingly soft and allows for a nice range of motion. It’s also treated with FreshTech, which MAMMUT describes as a product that “actively reduces the formation of unpleasant odors.” Score. It’s also moisture wicking, which makes those hotter sweaty days a little more bearable by using your sweat as a cooling action.

I also like that it looks good enough to doubles a standalone piece or under a tee shirt (something I recently did at the Oregon Brewers Festival). MAMMUT makes ridiculously well-constructed gear – from clothing to shoes to hiking and camping equipment – so this item should be built to last.

Company: MAMMUT (Facebook)


  • Sertig Longsleeve ($65)
    • Insert
      • 92% Polyester|8% Spandex
    • Main material:
      • 100% Polyester

More about MAMMUT:

As a Swiss premium outdoor brand with roots going back to 1862, we have a strong drive to preserve what is worth preserving and to improve what is not yet perfect.

For MAMMUT, the sustainability of products and manufacturing processes is an integral part of our commitment to quality. MAMMUT products are manufactured in clean processes from carefully selected and thoroughly tested premium materials and components that meet highest quality, performance and sustainability standards.

Thank you to MAMMUT for providing us with some a sample item. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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