What Run Oregon is Wearing: KGB Running Shorts (ON SALE for 50% OFF!)

KGB brand? You might be asking what that stands for (and no it’s not Russian). It’s actually pretty catchy and fun – short for “Keep Going Bro or Keep Going Beautiful (ladies line)”. I really love this! “Keep going” is something I always say to myself during a training run or race, so I find it very fitting.

I recently tried the The Keep Going Women’s Short shown in the photo both above and below. It’s a very flattering fit and comfortable on my body. I’m not used to running in shorts quite this short (as I am 42 years old who has had three children), but still they have a flattering fit that I am impressed with. I love that I can put my smart phone into the SmartSlot Waistband with ease and not have to grab a running belt – the less accessories the better. I also have room for other things, including my keys and gels if needed.

The comfortable fabric has a nice stretch to it and is quick drying and moisture-wicking.  As we are now in summer months, the UPF 50 material is a bonus.

I don’t often wear my “running” shorts for anything beside “running”, but these shorts are flattering and comfortable enough to want to wear all the time. I have worn them around the house, hiking, and shopping on a Saturday afternoon, just a name a few. I don’t even have to carry a bag or purse as I can just put what I need in the waistband.

Here is some more about how these shorts came to be:

Together with a clothing designer in Austin, TX, [we] created the first prototype of the Keep Going Short. After months of development and numerous iterations of the product, the prototype was finally completed in the summer of 2018. From there it was a matter of finding the right partner to produce the products. Today, we are working with this same partner to develop and produce additional products to help passionate runners and athletes on their journey.

KGB also has leggings for women and shorts for men, so check them out. They are also having a major sale at the time of this posting, so check it out!

Company: KGB Running

Product: The Keep Going Women’s Short ($59.99, but NOW $29.99)

More About KGB:

A lot of people ask what “KGB” actually stands for, and no, it isn’t because we are supporters of Russian spy agencies. “KGB” is a mantra that was the central motivating factor for me starting this company. “Keep goin’, bro”(or “keep goin’, beautiful” for our ladies line) encompasses the hustle, persistence, and determination that I strive to achieve every day not only in my athletic pursuits, but also in my personal, everyday life. The number one priority in creating these products is to spread these ideals to our customers by giving you high quality, fashionable, and functional garments that will make it easier to “keep goin’” in both your athletic and day-to-day lives while fostering a community of supportive and encouraging athletes.

My long term vision for this brand is to know when you see another person donning a KGB logo on their clothes during their workout, run, or other athletic pursuit, that you both encourage each other to keep going strong.

Thank you KGB Running for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews. 

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