Unique Race Preview: 2019 All Out Challenge (Bend)

If you are looking for a unique event that includes so much more than just running, look no further than the All Out Challenge coming to Bend in July. This event is organized by Orange Theory Fitness in combination with Old Mill District and Bend Parks and Rec. The 5K run/walk challenge includes 3 legs, each a little farther than the previous, and exercise challenges at the end of each leg that get progressively more challenging.

The first is the Basic Leg Challenge. Participants will run approximately 1 mile to RiverBend Park and complete the Suicide Shuttle. This includes carrying a weighted object 75 feet and then stopping to complete Mountain Climbers, Push-ups, or Squats before running back. Then running to the 2nd line (an additional 75 feet) and completing the next exercises and running back, and finally to the 3rd line with the final set of exercises.

The second leg is the Push Leg Challenge. Runners will make their way to Farewell Bend Park (a little over 1 mile) to complete 2 challenges: The Lunge Shoot, followed by the Filthy Jack – which is a variety of Jumping Jacks that will challenge your legs and your lungs.

The 3rd leg is the All Out Leg. Participants will run about 1.5 miles to complete 3 challenges. These challenges are referred to as the Box Burner, Sandman, and Burpees for Days. I’m not exactly sure what these entail, but I’m guessing your legs will be done after this round!

If you’re like me, and this promise of self-torture sounds a bit intriguing, get yourself registered for this unique challenge. It’s not often you get this combination of exercise challenges thrown into a race, so why not try it? I dare you!

All Out Challenge Details

Date: Saturday, July 20

Time: 9:00 A.M.

Location: 730 SW Columbia St, Bend

Entry Fee: $45

Race Website: Click Here 

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