Race Preview: 2019 Mt. Hood Scramble 6-miler & Twilight Scramble 5K

If you have done and enjoyed any obstacle races, or if the typical trail run has become a bore, maybe the Mt. Hood Scramble and Twilight Scramble is just what you need. This challenging course uses what mother nature has made to create a one in a lifetime obstacle experience. There are no man made walls or mud pits creates with a hose, there is only the incredible landscape of this amazing mountain to keep you on your toes!

Mt. Hood Scramble

Known as the “Grandfather of Filth”, the Mt. Hood Scramble has been run for 20 years with no sign of stopping or slowing down. The race is 6-ish miles through rivers, over rocks and through the mud. There are no aid stations for this race and the post-race party has “probably some watermelon, and hell, we may even throw a few beers” and “awards and random prizes will be given out following the event”. This race is notoriously wild and unforced, just like the mountain that hosts it.

Twilight Scramble 5K

On June 29th at 5:00 pm, the Twilight Scramble 5K is run in the shadows of Mt. Hood. Run the night before the Mt. Hood Scramble, this race helps to kick of the weekend of fun and filth! Since this race has most of the same natural obstacles that the Scramble has, but within a shorter distance, it is a great way to test your skills before taking on the longer race. Also, runner can race both events for their chance to win some extra special prizes.  

To ensure safety for all participants, there are only 400 entries for each distance. Also, runner need a number to be on the course during race day.  


Date: June 29th and 30th, 2019

Time: 5 PM and 10:00 AM

Location: White River West Sno Park

Register: Twilight Scramble 5K and The Mt. Hood Scramble 6M

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