Race Preview: 2019 Rose City Mile (Portland)

The Rose City Mile is a chance to discover, in the words of the race leaders, “What is your sub-4?” There are a small number of runners who can actually complete a mile race in less than 4 minutes. For all the rest of us, we have different goals to conquer. Maybe it’s a mile in less than 6 minutes, or 10. Maybe it’s running the entire thing. Maybe it’s beating your older sibling. Whatever your goal is, here is the space to go for it.

This one-mile race is put on by the Rose City Track Club and taking place at Duniway Track on Saturday, June 29. This is the second year for the event. And for those folks who want to be involved but can’t get to the track on time, the team is adding a virtual mile option. All participants (including the virtual ones) receive a t-shirt and bib number. Virtual mile runners are will be included in a special category among the results (and yes, you could win an award for rocking a mile wherever you are). Top racers will be eligible for cash prizes.

The races begin at 10am with participants sorted into heats based on age, gender, and predicted finish time. With each heat limited to 20 participants, some there may be some groups with multiple heats and others combined. An email will go out the day before with final details for participants about race day schedule.

Runners often measure our training in miles. This is your chance to see what happens when you go all out for just one mile. “What is your sub-4?”

Rose City Mile (Portland)
When: Saturday, June 29 at 10am
Where: Duniway Track (SW Barbur Blvd & SW Sheridan Street)
Register: Online
Packet Pick-Up: Race Day 8:30-9:30am
Cost: $25 ($30 on race day)

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