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I’m a multitasker in pretty much every way, and I love it when my clothes follow the same philosophy. Decathlon makes clothes that are comfortable, functional, and have some valuable “built-in” features. You’ll get several options in one with their gear and their company, which is environmentally conscious  but also concerned with providing quality products for a fair price.

Decathlon has been around since 1976, and they make products for a variety of sports and activities. Cycling, boxing, exercising, skiing, surfing, camping.. basically anything you do that gets your body moving has a Decathlon clothing option to keep you covered.

Nikki’s Thoughts: When I pulled the Running Shorts KIPRUN Light out of the package, my first thought was honestly that they were too short for my taste. A recent thigh chafing incident reminded me that I need to be more selective in my clothing choices as the summer running weather approaches.

I tried them on, and what I found was that they were very comfortable. They have built-in underwear and they move with your stride due to some openings along the side. They are also extremely light-weight and breezy, which would be perfect for a hot summer run.

The shorts also have pockets, which is always a plus. There’s 1 back pocket that isn’t large enough to hold your standard cell phone, but there’s plenty of room for an ID/credit cards, a key fob, or something of that nature. It also zips, so your valuables will stay safely in place. There are 2 very small pockets in the front near the hip bones as well. These pockets don’t zip and they are much smaller, but you could fit a Shot Blok or something small in either of these.

Because of the fabulous moisture wicking technology, these shorts will dry super fast after you’ve run in them. This might come in handy if you’re planning on running any hot summer relays, and you’ll get the bonus of them taking up very little room in your duffel bag.

Lastly, these KIPRUN Light shorts won’t break the bank at only $24.99 , which is a steal for athletic gear!

I also got to try out the KIPRUN Bra Tank Top and I simply love it. First off, it’s a very pretty color, an ombre of yellow to teal shades. There’s a built-in bra, which may or may not support your girls fully, depending on your size. I personally would likely wear another sports bra under it for a longer run, but I’d be okay with wearing it as is for short runs or working out. It could also be worn casually out and about.

The shirt has some moisture wicking properties as do the shorts, and it’s very breathable. It’s not itchy and the straps stay in place with no slippage. However, it doesn’t cut into my shoulders either, so it’s a nice balance. I barely notice it when it’s on which means I can wear it all day (something that happens more often than not in my busy lifestyle,) and I like the “all-in-one” concept and style.  It’s a racerback tank and there is some reflective detailing on the back and a little above the left hand breast. It’s also a good length .. Not too short like many tank tops, but not annoyingly long.

As with the shorts, the cost on the tank top is very affordable at only $24.99. This will be a great go-to for me all summer long, whether I’m going for a sweat session or stopping at the grocery store or both!


Drew’s thoughts: Upon receiving my Kiprun Care Men’s T-Shirt, my first thought was how unique the colors were and how lightweight the shirt felt. With a run scheduled that afternoon, there was no better time than to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the shirt was, especially in how it breathed and felt as if I didn’t even have a shirt on. Like much of the Kalenji line from Decathlon, the products boast a seamless design to help with chafing while feeling better against your skin than some fabrics. I am looking forward to many more warm weather runs with this shirt!


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Products & Price:

Specs (from website):

      • Moisture wicking
      • Freedom of movement
      • Pockets
      • Built-In underwear

Specs (from website):

      • Moisture wicking
      • Reduction of irritation
      • Chest support
      • Ventilation
      • Environnmental Impact

Specs (from website):

      • Moisture wicking
      • Freedom of movement
      • Ventilation
      • Lightweight (4.6 oz)

More about Decathlon:

At the start, seven sports enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs met in a parking lot in Englos, France, and agreed to upend the way sports products and gear were made and sold. From the parking lot to the first store—opened in Lille, France in 1976 by Michel Leclercq—to our global presence today, we are united in a common mission and serve with common purpose and passion.


Thank you to Decathlon for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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