Race Preview: 2019 Elijah Bristow 24 hour run (Eugene)


The Elijah Bristow 24 hour run is back for its 6th year, bringing with it many former racers who ran it last year. If there’s one thing about the ultra-running community I know, it’s that runners often love to challenge themselves by returning to certain races in order to be better than the year before. Or, as is often the case with me, I love returning to certain races because of the organizers and volunteers…and sometimes because of the food.

Speaking of food, the EB24 offers runners a menu on their website, showcasing all of what will be available at the aid station, including bacon pancakes. I’m not making that up. Also, you might have noted that aid station is singular. That’s because there is only one, which is technically all you’ll need, since the course is a 1.054 mile loop, with only 15 feet of gain. What this means is a few things. First, you can have a crew at the start/finish line to help crew you through the night as you aim for the most mileage, which is the goal of a 24 hour race. The person with the most mileage at the end of 24 hours is the winner.

For many, the goal is to reach 100 miles in 24 hours, which takes 95 laps. If you like numbers, that means 15 minutes per lap, or 4 laps per hour. The Elijah Bristow 24 is a great way to break into ultra-running by learning how to handle many hours, and miles, on your feet. For those looking for a slightly smaller commitment, there is also the 12 hour run.

When: Saturday, June 22nd. Races start at 9am.

Cost/Registration: 24 hour = $190. 12 hour = $150. Register on UltraSignup

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