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When I started running years ago, there weren’t a ton of different electrolyte replacement options that I knew about. I remember when I first heard about Nuun (and learned how to pronounce it, “noon,” in case you were wondering) I was grateful for an alternative to the super sweet sugary drinks on the market. Over the years, Nuun has continually upped their game, which is so necessary in the running community today, when there are new products coming out seemingly every day.

There are now several different varieties of Nuun you can find at your local running store, depending on what your goal is. Run Oregon was fortunate to get a chance recently to review Nuun Sport and Nuun Rest, but there is also Nuun Immunity, Nuun Vitamins, and Nuun Endurance out there for you to try, and lots of different flavor options as well.

Nuun Sport is a great option to replace all those minerals and electrolytes that you sweat out during a good run, and there is a version with caffeine and one without. There are also 13 flavors available, so there’s no chance of getting bored.

When you are looking for a comforting sleep following an active day, Nuun Rest has a blend of magnesium, potassium, and tart-cherry to aid your drift into Dreamland. There are 2 flavors available to choose from.

Nikki’s Thoughts: The thing that initially appealed to me about Nuun was that it was in tablet form, which makes the “grab and go” option so easy. You can drop it in any 16 oz bottle and you get to decide how much you want. You can split a tablet in half easily if you only want half the concentration, or you can use the whole thing. I personally don’t like my electrolyte drinks very sweet, especially when I’m already eating sugars in other forms for long runs, so I really appreciate the mild taste of Nuun.

I got to try the Nuun Sport in the Fruit Punch and Tropical flavors, and the Nuun Sport with Caffeine in Wild Berry. I must say that I really appreciate that Nuun makes an option with caffeine and one without since I sometimes I run in the morning and sometimes I run at night. Both cost the same and offer very similar properties other than the caffeine. I found that all three of the flavors I tried tasted similar but that’s not a bad thing. I don’t like a strong, overpowering taste and I was glad that all of the ones I tried were light and refreshing. They got me through my runs great too!

I was super intrigued when I heard about the Nuun Rest option. I often have a hard time going to bed at a decent hour after the kids go to bed and I’ve been running all over the place. I got to try the Blackberry Vanilla flavor, and I liked it a lot. It was not at all intense and it went down easily. I did find I had a good sleep after drinking it, plus it encouraged more hydration, which I struggle with often

Abby’s Thoughts: Since I’ve had a lengthy hiatus from running, not to mention pretty much all forms of exercise except yoga over the last few months, I am using all the incentives I can get to make easing (okay, belly-flopping) back into a healthy routine. While I drink a lot of plain H2O during the day and feel mostly hydrated, it’s not until I’m sweating away getting back into the groove that I realize I’m pretty parched and fatigued! Having the boost of healthy electrolytes in my water pre and apres workout definitely keeps me sustained longer than I would without them.

Like Nikki, I appreciated the new formula with caffeine. The first time I gave it a go was around 5:00 pm before meeting a friend (30 minutes later) for a 45 minute run. Since I tend to get to work early because I work with a lot of folks on the East coast, working out in the morning is not an option…I just don’t like the thought of a 3:00 am run! The 40 mg. of caffeine did perk me up enough to finish the run strong and wasn’t too strong that it affected my ability to fall asleep.

I also enjoyed the Rest version in Lemon Chamomile. It was very mild and pleasant tasting and something fun to look forward to after yoga one Saturday afternoon. The fact that it contains magnesium and tart cherry to aid muscle rebuilding and promote a sense of calmness and potassium to ward of cramps, is very nice. I have enjoyed using this formula while on a business trip to help me unwind after a long day of travel.

I also sampled the Sport formula without caffeine in watermelon flavor. Full disclosure: I don’t like watermelon flavor anything, but I gave it a shot. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as intense as I was expecting and if it had been my only option, I’d break it in half so that the flavor was very mild. I also was appreciative of the fact that there was no sickeningly sweet aftertaste from the Stevia and Monk Fruit extract that they use. Kudos to Nuun for that! It seems hard to do and they did it. Oooh, it’s also important to note that these formulas are Vegan.

I have used electrolytes in the past when running or exercising for more than an hour at a time, but I think tasting the new flavors and formulas of Nuun, is making me contemplate purchasing them on a regular basis.


Products & Price:

Specs (from website):

Nuun Sport:

  • 15 Calories
  • 1 G Sugar
  • 300 MG Sodium
  • 150 MG Potassium
  • 25 MG Magnesium
  • 13 MG Calcium
  • 40 MG Caffeine (in caffeine Nuun only)

Nuun Rest:

  • 10 Calories
  • 1 G Sugar
  • 100 MG Sodium
  • 100 MG Potassium
  • 300 MG Magnesium
  • 200 MG Tart Cherry

More about Nuun:

Nuun began as the first company to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates. The result? A healthy, hydrating beverage without all of the extra sugar and additives. #heckyea! Over a decade later, Nuun Hydration is hydrating the planet one runner, surfer, cyclist, mother, yogi, hula hooper at a time (the list goes on…)!

As the good word about hydration and wellness becomes more widespread, Nuun has become a “must-have” product for more and more people. Nuun has expanded its product offerings from its sports hydration roots to include more clean-ingredient lifestyle products for everyday hydration! Nuun HQ is based in Seattle, WA. You can find our products sold in over 5,000 outlets in the U.S. and available in over 30 countries.

Thank you to Nuun for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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