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Tailwind Nutrition is an endurance fuel I have wanted to try for some time now. I’ve had other runner friends tell me it was great, but had yet to try it out for myself. Several weeks ago, Tailwind sent me a sample pack to try out for myself and I’ve been using it for my marathon training – with solid results. I am a runner who has a very difficult time fueling due to gut bombs. I have gotten very sick out on long runs and some races if I try to eat or drink anything much besides water… it’s not fun. At all. I can also be a runner who gets very skeptical about trying anything new, especially when it goes in my sensitive stomach. As I tried this product out, I was hopeful to find something new that would help my tired body when needed! 

The first thing that got my attention about Tailwind is the phrasing, “Easy on your Stomach” If this was true, it would be very beneficial for my training and for race days. It’s also “Simple and Complete” with no need to carry gels, chews, and pills. It also claims to be”Tasty all Day”, something that can be hit-or-miss in endurance food and drink

Upon receipt, I quickly started putting it the test – the first of which being a long weekend run. It was very easy to use – I simply added a scoop to my handheld along with water and went out the door. I didn’t have any stomach issues at all, so I have continued to use it time after time.

I have also been impressed with the flavor too. The Mandarin Orange is simply delicious. I’ve had other endurance fuel that makes me crave plain water halfway into a long run. With Tailwind, I’ve been satisfied with drinking the mandarin flavor the whole time running. On one twenty miler, it was warmer than usual and I drank all my mix up by about mile 12 and realized I had forgotten to pack an extra scoop for refilling. I found that as I got to mile 18 or 19, my body begin to crash. It was a very interesting test as I had felt great while running with Tailwind in my system. I believe that after being forced to switch to just water, I simply wasn’t getting the salt I needed for the warmer day and paid for it. The lessen was learned and next time I’ll bring a back up scoop for a refill!

Tailwind Endurance is made with all natural ingredients and is Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy and Dairy Free, and Vegan. I liked that when I opened my bag, it was just a white color, meaning no added non-natural coloring. A scoop serving size is one scoop is 100 calories and packs 303mg Sodium and 25g Carbohydrates. Tailwind Nutrition is made and invented by endurance athletes in Durango, CO.

I had such a positive experience with Tailwind Nutrition that I will continue to use it for marathon training and for race days. I am thrilled to find something that will give me the sodium I need as I sweat a lot along with the sugars and carbohydrates need for better performance. I am thankful for Jeff and his test kitchen, founder of Tailwind Nutrition who with trial and error came up with a perfect combination to help endurance athletes! Read about his story here!

Find and buy:

  • Tailwind Nutrition can be bought on their website here and on Amazon here
  • A 30 serving bag like the one shown in my photo is between $24.69 and $25.99 depending on the website you buy from. That’s only about $.85 a serving!
Tailwind Nutrition comes in a variety of flavors.
  • Mandarin orange
  • Lemon
  • Berry,
  • Naked (unflavored)
  • Raspberry Buzz with caffeine.

Tailwind also has other products, including Recovery drinks, and some fun gear on their site. I found and tried out their chocolate recovery drink – which was both tasty, yet a stronger taste profile than I anticipated (I just added more water than recommended and was good to go). I also found out that you can use the recovery powder to make some awesome recover treats (check out their blog here for ideas)!

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Thank you to Tailwind Nutrition for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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