Run Oregon is Kickin’ it in the SCARPA Spin Ultra Trail shoes (releasing Summer 2019)


When I think of the brand SCARPA, I think of rock climbing, not running. Indeed, a quick visit to their home page immediately shows a man dangling from his fingertips and the words “Rock Climbing” bright and bold. As any athlete knows, cross training is crucial and many climbers turn to trail running (and runners turn to climbing!) so it would behoove any footwear company to follow their customers’ trends. SCARPA has been doing just that and their newest trail shoes are worth checking out!

The Spin Ultras are due to hit shelves in spring/summer 2019, and are lightweight, weighing in at 19.5 oz (~553g; pair, women’s size 9). They are also a low-profile and decently aggressive shoe that fits like a glove (no really, they call it Sock-Fit technology. It’s snug and comfortable!).

I typically run in shoes made for a wider, more natural foot stance and the Spin Ultras feel like a good middle ground between snug and accommodating. The laces are a nice material without a lot of stretch, plus feature a garage in the tongue for extra protection against loosening.

The uppers have a breathable mesh and a pretty tightly-knit exoskeleton along the sides for stability without rigidity however, my favorite feature of these shoes is by and far the tread. SCARPA teamed up with Vibram to bring a sole comparable to the ever dominantly aggressive Salomon Speedcross and I was excited to put them to the test in some of our beloved PNW mud. They blew my regular trail shoes out of the water with their grip. I gave them a go on a quick road run as well and was surprised that the lugs weren’t more obnoxious – while I wouldn’t necessarily use them as a crossover shoe, it was nice to know in a pinch they’d do fine for both.


You can read SCARPA’s news released on these shoes, and others in their new spring lineup, here.

More about the company from their website:

SCARPA stands for Società Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima, which means Associated Shoe Manufacturing Company of the Asolo Mountain Area. Founded in the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains, in the Asolo / Montebelluna region, an area long known for its quality, handcrafted footwear, SCARPA’s initial mission was to bring together all the best shoemakers in the Asolo area toward the goal of producing the best footwear anywhere.

The company was among the first to recognize the needs of northern Italy’s rapidly developing mountaineering and climbing culture, and to develop footwear with features dedicated to those pursuits.

We are passionate about our sports; we are passionate about boot making; we are passionate about performance.

It’s difficult to find accurate and official specs for these shoes, as they’ve not been released yet, but if they follow suit of the rest of the Spin series (read our review of those here), they’ll likely fall in the 4-6mm drop range around the $140-150 price point. These shoes don’t hit the market for a couple of months so there’s no direct way to get a pair of your own just yet, but keep an eye on their website, Facebook page, and Instagram account for the latest updates!



Thank you to SCARPA for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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