2019 Three Capes Marathon Relay Course Preview – THIS WEEKEND!

I am all about one day relays, so I’m excited to be able to run in the Three Capes Relay on February 23rd. This coastal run is from Cape Meares to Pacific City and is a marathon distance. You can run this solo if you’re ready for a marathon, or make it a half marathon and grab a partner to run with, or enjoy the camaraderie of a team and run with a group of up to 5 people.

Elevation map of the entire 2019 Three Capes Relay course.

Even though there are just 5 legs on this relay, many of these legs are quite challenging as you can see by looking at the elevation map. Below is a quick run down of the course broken down by leg.


Leg #1: This leg starts adjacent to Cape Meares Lake. Leg #1 is 4.47 miles long and rated as very difficult. While you will enjoy views of Cape Meares National Wildlife Refuge, Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge, and Cape Meares Lighthouse State Park, you will also be climbing a 6% grade right from the start. You’ll run back down to almost sea level, but not before you make a few more climbs along the way.

Leg #2: This leg is 5.44 miles and rated as difficult. Runners will start in Oceanside and enjoy (or endure) rolling hills with views of the Pacific Ocean past Oceanside, Happy Camp, and Netarts Bay. The difficult rating of this leg is due to 2 category 5 climbs along the way.

Leg #3: This 5.02 mile leg is rated extremely difficult. Starting at scenic Netarts Bay, Leg #3 is mostly flat for about 2.5 miles. And then the 800 foot 6.5% grade climb begins. All that climbing will be worth it when you reach the summit of Cape Lookout State Park – which is also the end of this leg.

Leg #4: This is the longest leg of the relay at 6.82 miles, but is rated as moderate. Starting at the summit of Cape Lookout State Park, downhill lovers will enjoy the negative drop of over 600 feet. This leg will run through the dunes of Sand Lake and finish at the Whalen County Park.

Leg #5: The final leg of this relay is rated as easy and is the shortest at just 4.45 miles. It is relatively flat with just a 167 foot climb. Starting at Whalen County Park, this leg will run to Pacific City, just in front of the beach at Cape Kiwanda. A perfect location for some great finish photos with the whole team.

Three Capes Relay Details

Date: Saturday, February 23


  • 7:30 A.M. – Walkers
  • 8:00 A.M. – Early Start
  • 9:00 A.M. – Regular Start

Start Location: At the intersection of Bayocean Rd. NW and Bayshore Drive adjacent to Cape Meares Lake.

Finish Location: Web County Park at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City

Entry Fees:

  • $65 – Solo, full marathon
  • $95 – 2 person team
  • $175 – 5 person team (3 or 4 person teams must sign up as a 5 person team)

Race Website: Click Here

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