What Run Oregon is Wearing: Shorts and shirts from Barbell Athletic

I like novelty, uniqueness, and bold colors as much as the next person, but when it comes to running clothes my favorite garments have been the ones that are the most comfortable, most functional, and most well-designed – basically the simplest and least obtrusive during a run. The shorts and shirt from Las Vegas based Barbell Apparel that I recently got a chance to test emphasize practicality over flash in just this way. What they lack in eye-popping flare they more than make up for in high-quality materials, great fit, and excellent comfort.

The short-sleeved Havoc shirt in “Pitch Black” isn’t designed to draw attention to itself. In fact, the only added detail is a small Barbell logo at the bottom of one sleeve. But the material is just the right thickness, breathes well, and is satisfyingly stretchy. On rainy runs with another layer over it, the Havoc shirt went unnoticed, staying warm and dry, neither too tight nor too loose. The high-quality construction includes a padded seam at the back of the neck for even more subtle comfort.

The Havok Short Sleeve is more than a shirt. Engineered from space-age fabrics, it’s the softest, lightest, and most breathable shirt you will ever own.

Built to stand up to the toughest work outs, it comes in a modern styling that still allows it to pair with casual wear like our flagship chinos & denim.

  • Flextek fabric
  • Moisture wicking
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Tailored Athletic Fit
  • 88% Poly / 12% Spandex

The Ghost shorts are slightly more elaborate, with zippered pockets on each side and a string drawstring at the waist with nice solid aglets making it easy to find the ends and keeping the string from disappearing inside the waistband (an uncommon but highly irritating phenomenon is some of my other shorts and running pants.) The pockets’ mesh lining seems a little fragile, so be careful with sharp or pointy things like keys that may wear through the fabric over time (Pro tip: I keep my keys in a small zip-loc bag during runs to reduce friction). But I love the convenience and security of zippered pockets, and these are barely noticeable on the run, with light and unobtrusive pulls. While the shorts are not at all flashy, my pair did come in a cool restrained shade of rusty red (giving the unassuming name “Maroon” by Barbell), a color unlike any other in my running apparel collection. Like the shirt, the fit and material are outstanding. The shorts are just the right size for me, and the fabric is soft yet sturdy, nicely handling rainy and cold conditions.

The Ghost Shorts are everything a gym short should be. With an 8″ inseam tailored to show off your quads, this incredibly lightweight shorts stays out of the way during your toughest workouts, and stays looking great even after you’re done.

With zippered pockets to make sure your never lose your stuff, and netted pockets to provide extra ventilation, you’ll never want to take these shorts off.

  • Aesthetic Tailored Fit
  • Zippered Pockets
  • Incredibly Lightweight
  • Moisture wicking
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Breathable Flextex Fabric
  • 88% Poly / 12% Spandex

Good-fitting, well made, high-quality, no nonsense athletic apparel should not be taken for granted. Kudos to Barbell for their contributions to the cause!

Barbell Apparel was founded with a simple vision: clothing should be better.

Founded by a team of friends and athletes, we started our story by launching our Athletic Fit Jeans on Kickstarter.

That campaign grew past our wildest expectations, becoming the 2nd most funded fashion project of all time, and sparking a change across the fashion industry to bring ‘Athletic Fit’ mainstream.



Thank you to Barbell Athletic for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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