Race Preview: 2019 Winter Predictor (Eugene)

When I sign up for a 5K race, I know my PR, my average pace, and what I can do after a bleh week and I just need to get some movement in.

Now if I signed up for a 6K race, all those numbers are a lot less certain.

The Winter Predictor 6K and 13K races in Eugene this January are all about that mystery, and giving each and every one of us the chance to be a winner. Participants list their anticipated finish time. The top 25 participants each event (those with finish times closest to their predictions) will receive awards. There will also be awards for the overall fastest runners. And there are even prizes for those who are closest at the halfway point in their race. AND (because seriously, there are so many winners in this race) is one person finishes exactly at their anticipated time, they win $100. If more than one person is right-on, names will go into a hat for one prize winner.

Now just in case you are thinking you can cheat the system and use a clock to stay on pace, be aware of these rules from the race team: “To be eligible for awards, participants cannot wear a watch or other timing device. However, the use of a calendar, an hourglass or a sun-dial is acceptable.” Time to put an hourglass on my wish list.

Start off your 2019 with a different kind of running adventure, and create a whole new set of goals for this new year.

2019 Winter Predictor (Eugene)
When: Saturday, January 19 at 12pm
Where: Electric Edge Racing Office (750 Commercial Street)
Register: Online or Race Day
Packet Pick-Up: Race Day 10:30-11:45am
Cost: $20 for ages 18 to 59; $15 for 17 and younger. $5 increase on race day.


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