Race Preview: 2018 Civil War Relay (Corvallis to Eugene)

There is a long standing battle to be the best between Oregon State University and the University of Oregon and every year this battle is played out on the football field in what is known as the “Civil War”. This is the game where Ducks and Beavers get to see who comes out as the champion and who has bragging rights for the next year. But there is another Civil War going on around the same time called the Civil War Relay.

This relay race covers the span of 52 miles and is broken into 25 different legs approximately 2 miles in length. Beaver teams and Duck teams relay it out to see who has the strongest runners and who can make it the distance the fastest. Each year the race direction switches depending on the location of the football game that year. This year, the Civil War football game takes place in Corvallis, thus the relay begins in Eugene and ends right outside of Corvallis in Albany.

The relay this year is December 6, 2018 and each team consists of a maximum of 5 runners. There is a competitive category and a non-competitive or “Helter Skelter” category. The difference is, the competitive category must keep the order of their runners whereas the non-competitive can change their order as they see fit. The course runs along the rural roads of the Oregon countryside and is a self-supported relay, meaning teams are responsible for their vehicle, food, etc.

This race has a long, rich history. In fact, Steve Prefontaine apparently ran this race in 1974 as the anchor leg of the relay for the Oregon Ducks. Today, this tradition is kept alive and we will see who the 2018 winner will be! My vote is the Ducks!

Civil War Relay Details:

When: December, 6th 2018

Where: Alton Baker Park, Eugene to Linn Benton Community College, Albany


  • Teams: $400
  • Individual Runner: $120
  • High School Team: $205

Register: CLICK HERE

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