Why Run Eugene in 2019? Here’s why.

Eugene Marathon

Why would you pick Eugene Marathon to be your Spring Full or Half? I have run Eugene Marathon myself, Eugene was good to me and it’s been good to so many of my friends! I ran my my fastest marathon time at Eugene in 2018. Eugene ’18 was my 13th marathon and 6th attempt to qualify for Boston! After many failed attempts, I finely hit the mark  and I plan on doing it again in 2019.  Hope you can join me!

It’s a flat course:  What every runner wants to hear right? My friends give me a hard time, because I often say, “don’t worry, it’s flat!”  Then it’s not exactly flat!  When I ran Eugene Marathon earlier this year it really was “mostly flat!”  There were three small inclines but it wasn’t what I would call a “HILL.”  It was just a little break in the flat, to use other muscle groups for a few minutes.  And, I got to run down the other side! It really was “no big deal.”

Autzen Stadium: In 2019, runners get to #FinishOnTheFifty at Autzen Stadium. I am so stoked about this!  Finishing on the Fifty yard line is something that will forever be etched in my memories and I can’t wait! Last year the finish was on Hayward Field. As construction continues on Hayward Field, we get the honor of Autzen in 2019! Let’s take advantage!

13th year:  With Runners coming from all 50 states to compete in Eugene’s 13th year, this event is one of the premier West Coast marathons in the US.

Boston Qualifier: That’s right, this marathon is a Boston Qualifier so DREAM BIG!

Transferable Registration:  For the first time ever, Eugene Marathon is introducing a deferment program. If you cannot run in 2019 you may defer your registration to 2020.  Deferments must be completed by March 29th and a $30 fee is charged. It’s easy, just log into your Active Network account at, look for “2019 Eugene Marathon” and follow the instructions for deferring to 2020.  If you are worried about getting sick or injured, this should help ease your mind!

Running on Pre’s Trail: There’s something magical about running on Pre’s Trail. I have traveled back to Eugene since the Marathon in April, to run again on Pre’s Trail.  Eugene is known as “Track Town USA.” I felt the magic as I ran there! Everyone out on the trail was so friendly and helpful to this out-of-townee who didn’t know the trail well! You can read more about Steve Prefontaine’s Memorial trail HERE!

Training Groups: Beginner or more advanced? All are welcome to my husbands and my upcoming training groups.  Being from Dallas, OR, that is where our groups will meet. Starting in December 2018 groups will start up at Dallas World Gym.  Basic classes/training groups will be free. Julie Mullins (myself) and World Gym Trainer Jerry Mullins will be heading up the groups. Times/days are coming soon. Keep in the loop on Julie’s and Jerry’s Running page HERE! We will for sure be having long runs on Saturday mornings and are looking into one or two evening classes during the week. Need help with a training plan or don’t know where to start? This is the place to go! Your questions will be answered and you will be highly encouraged! Dallas World Gym is huge, taking up almost 10,500 square feet of gym space! Free classes are always included with membership with dry sauna, childcare, and spa style locker rooms! World Gym also offers free tanning and have a staff with vast experience in the fitness and nutrition field, including Jerry Mullins, the running expert! To get a free 3 day pass, just ask at World Gym website HERE!  World Gym, is a 24 hour fitness gym with daytime business hours! You can also see the classes they are currently offering HERE

There’s a Discount Code: Did you know…I have a discount for you! It’s usable and shareable, so grab a friend and sign up soon! For $10.00 off the Full or Half use PROMO code JULIEEM19.  PROMO code JULIE5k19 saves you $5.00 off the 5k.

Christmas gift: Eugene half or full marathon makes a sweet gift for that runner in your life, or maybe simply yourself 😃.

  • Marathon: (Sunday) $120.00
  • Half Marathon: (Sunday) $100.00
  • 5k: (Saturday) $25.00
  • Kids Duck Dash: (Saturday) $15.00


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