Strava Segment & Running Meme of the Week: South Jetty Sprint

99 Problems

Meme-finding credit to Nikki Mueller

For this week’s Strava Segment of the Week we are visiting the Oregon Coast. Run With Paula’s Bay to Brews Half Marathon and 10k is tomorrow (Saturday, September 29) in Newport, and there are a few great segments right on the course.

The one we’ve chosen to highlight this week is the South Jetty Sprint. Starting just after the race start, the segment is 0.7 super-flat miles. Current record holders are Jenny Watts (4:15) and Evan Pardi (3:34).

Are you on Strava? If you are, be sure to join the Run Oregon Club. The primary reason is because you can check out what other blog readers are running, and it’s fun to look at routes that other people run and give them kudos. I’ve got a few new followers through the club and I always like it when I get a thumbs up, especially on days when I felt sluggish or didn’t want to run anyway. (Like this whole month, it seems.)

If you’re not on Strava, you can try it out for free! If you are concerned about privacy, you can make use of their privacy controls like hiding your home/work locations, hiding runs from leaderboards, and being selective about who follows you and can see your activities.

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