2018 Gorgeous Coast Relay Preview: Get Your Team Together by Sept. 30 for Captain Meeting

by Guest Community Bloggers Michael Schrift and Marc Larson

Leg 12 of the Gorgeous Coast Relay.

The training and preparation for the Gorgeous Coast Relay (our third relay of the year for this team) has been a little more haphazard than the other two we’ve run.  Partly because the opportunity only up a couple of weeks ago and partly because we were busy doing other running events in the weeks prior. But we’ll go with the explanation that we are an “experienced team*,” and it’s only a one day/one van relay so we’re hoping it will all work out.

It seems like people started picking their legs before we actually had a full contingent of runners, but we worked thinks out without having to do a lottery, pick straws ,or six-way Rochambeau. Our runners picked legs of the relay that they have never done before, so that they can have a different experience then other relays that they have done.

We only had to find a replacement for one of our regular relay-team runners who is doing Chicago Marathon instead. That wasn’t too difficult since we have connections to both Run Oregon and the Sunstone Running Club. It did help that the Gorgeous Coast Relay is at the end of the “running season” so people are in shape and the relay legs aren’t too long or difficult (we think).  Like our Pacific City Relay earlier this year, we decided we would do some track workouts to get ready.

The team is really looking forward to experiencing the Gorgeous Coast Relay course since it looks scenic and not too challenging (hopefully). It’s been a long season for us and some are looking forward to some lower-mileage weeks to get ready for the holiday season. As this is our first Gorgeous Relay, it will be interesting to see how Gorgeous Relays differ from HTC and CLR.

The last item on our agenda is to rent a van and to request some good weather (no rain or headwinds please). We will finish with a smile. Wish us luck!

You can still pull together a team of up to 6 participants for this 50-ish mile relay and sign up for the 2018 Gorgeous Coast Relay. Here are the deets:

When: Saturday, October 6, 2018

What time: The first waves will start at 7:30a

Where: The race starts at the Astoria Column and finishes in Cannon Beach

Register: Online here. A team of 5-6 people is $660, 3-4 people is $440, and 2 people is $220. You can even do it solo for $110.

Deadline: Register by September 30 – on that day there is a captain’s meeting at the Sellwood Foot Traffic located at 7718 SE 13th.

*Experienced in that they’ve done it before … at least once!

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