Hey Good Lookin’ – Run Oregon and Sunstone are going to be at the Gorgeous Relay!

We are excited to be given the opportunity to go and compete in our second one day relay. We have done many two day relays in fact we just completed CLR and were looking to take a break, but the thought of “getting the band back together” made us jump at the chance. None of us in our team have run in a Gorgeous Series relay so we want to see how they compare to other relays around the North West. The only other one day relay we have done is the Hood to Coast Pacific City relay and we all enjoyed being able to get the experience of a team relay done in a day.

Just to give everyone some background on our relay team we have a good mix of individuals that have a wide variety of running experience. We all enjoy running for a local neighborhood running club and have been doing so for many years. Our team we have put together is a mix of three male and three female runners so we can get an idea of how everyone views the relay through their own eyes. We are all looking forward to a run along the coast as a team and experiencing what the Gorgeous relay has to offer.

The 2018 Gorgeous Coast relay is scheduled for Saturday October 6th. Not a bad way to spend a weekend day on the fabulous Oregon coast. This is a one day one van relay of 50 miles. It starts in Astoria and winds its way done the coast to Cannon Beach. You can run as an individual all the way to a team of six. It is nice to have that many options open for a relay on case you want more mileage for your run or you just want to be able to see what challenges you could face as an ultra relay team. This race looks like it would be a good one to test it out on.

For those that are on the fence and have never run a one day relay there is still time to sign up and try this one out like we are doing. We would love to see you out there enjoying the coast line as we run. We will be posting more updates and a race recap to let everyone know how it went for us.

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