Clean Like a Man (or Woman) with REDBUDSUDS 4-in-1 shower bars (save 10% through 10/31/18!)

As someone who runs during my workday, I have a workout bag that is stuffed to the gills. The majority of the stuff in there is specifically running related (shoes and bags of running clothes for the week), there is also a fair amount related to the hygiene portion of running. Seeing as I run at lunch, I still have a half day at work after getting 4-6 miles in, so I can’t really neglect that part. I have a whole hygiene bag WITHIN my bag that is kind of a nuisance. It is just full to the gills with soap, shampoo, shaving cream, and the like – a necessary evil and something that I always wish could be a little simplified. REDBUDSUDS may just be the answer to that call.

Simply put, REDBUDSUDS is a 4-in-1 shower bar that packs shampoo, conditioner, body and shave soap, all in one square package.

On a greater level, REDBUDSUDS puts a lot of thought in to their shower bars. They take out the need to purchase, pack, and store multiple different products – all within their own individual plastic cases that creates waste. And that committment to being ecologically mindful is not by mistake. They have saved 42,000+ plastic bottles from entering the waste stream since they launched in 2016. For a relatively small company, that seems like a BIG number! Anyone who has done some plogging will appreciate this!

Additionally, their shower bars “eliminate preservatives, parabens, phthalates, plastic packaging, trips to the recycling bin, and explosions in your suitcase or backpack“. They also utilize local (made in Ohio), sustainably produced lard (as opposed to palm oil, which has been linked to deforestation and other environmental and social issues). Their bars also reap their benefits from plant-based materials as opposed to mass-produced and irritant-causing chemicals. As members of 1% for the Planet, they give back, too: at least one percent of every bar sold goes to protecting wild-lands and watersheds through non-profit partners such as the Alliance for the Great Lakes, Save the Boundary Waters, and the Access Fund.

While the bars can be purchased individually, we recently checked out their Epic Collection – a package of all 5 of their scents. The soaps ship with their own “shoofah” – a shower bar loofah bag – that is essentially supposed to be like soap-on-a-rope(-in-a-bag). The bag actually makes the lather the shining star and keeps the bar from running out quickly. That has always been one thing that I have had difficulties in the “craft soap” industry – they are pricier (which is mostly fine), but I also always seem to go through them much quicker. This bag has allowed for that disinegration to considerably be extended. The bag also keeps the bar from gathering the grossness of showers – hair and other nasties.

I have been using these for the past few weeks (alternating between them) and have really liked the role they have fit in my gym bag. Obviously, you aren’t limited to the gym for these, as they would be great at home and also as something when you are hitting the trails or camping. The shoofah will keep things put together and each bar is  biodegradable.  It just seems so convenient to have an easy way to get clean that works in any setting.

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  • Citrus Sunshine
  • That Extra Meter Cedar
  • Kickass Lemongrass
  • Sea Clay Rest Day
  • Fresh Tee Scent Free


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