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Race Preview: 2018 Old Cascadia (Lava Lake Sno Park – Willamette National Forest)

Calling all trail racers, you don’t want to miss this! The Old Cascadia will take you on a majestic trail race on some of the timeless summits in Oregon and will be unforgettable! This takes place in the Cascade Mountain Range, combining two mountain ranges in one. There are three trail races offered, 100 mile, 50 mile, and 20 mile. The courses will go through lush rainforests, scenic meadows and don’t forget the wildlife. It will have sweeping views, creek crossings, large climbing hills, all on single track trails. What more could you want?

The 100 mile race will complete the 50 mile course two times. It will feature 13 aid stations and have a 25000 ft gain, a 25000 ft loss, have 92% single track, 3% two track, 3% paved and 2% dirt road. Participants agree, this is the most scenic 100 mile race in all of Oregon. The 100 mile is worth 6 points towards UTMB.

The 50 mile race features a lollipop style course. This will start off by tagging the summit of Crescent Mountain, then doing a huge 50K loop before heading up Crescent Mountain finishing strong with a downhill finish. The race will have a elevation gain of 12500 ft and 12500 ft loss. The course features 93% single track, 3% two track, 2% paved, 2% dirt road. It will also have 6 aid stations along the course. The 50 mile is worth 4 points UTMB.

The 20 mile race will feature the last 20 miles of the 50/ 100 mile courses. It will have epic climbs and descents, and still have unbelievable views. It has 92.5% single track trails, 5% paved and 2.5% dirt roads. Elevation gain is 5200 ft, and 5200 ft descent. The race will also have 2 fully stocked aid stations.

All finishers of the 20 mile and 50 mile race will receive a custom finisher award. All finishers of the 100 mile (in the time allowed) will receive a belt buckle and a hoody from Black Spider. There will also be raffle prizes from sponsors. Top 3 male and female of each race will also receive prizes.

Race Details:

When: September 15, 2018
Where: Lava Lake Snow Park, Willamette National Forest, Blue River OR
Register: Here
Entry Fee:
  • $325 for 100 mile race
  • $145 for 50 mile race
  • $85 for 20 mile race

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