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Product Review: Jasyoga

As a hobby I stalk ultra runners. I do it in a completely harmless fan-girl kind of way. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to try Jasyoga and I saw that the incomparable Stephanie Violett was involved I was sold! If a Western States Champion uses it, I certainly should be too!

So what is Jasyoga? Jasyoga is an online yoga platform designed for the athlete. It is to reset and balance the body. The platform narrows in on your athletic endeavors and guides you to the yoga that your body needs based on how you use your body in the sport you compete in. There are also videos moms and meditation, which I so appreciate! Jasyoga was created by athlete and mama herself, Erin Taylor, and I will say, she did a fantastic job with it.

For me, I was all in the marathon videos when I first started Jasyoga as I was leading up to some big ultra marathons and marathons. I put on the videos and immediately got to work. The first one I tried was designed for core activation. I am always highly skeptical of core videos since I am an instructor of primarily postpartum women. Typically in core videos you see a lot of stuff that I would not advise my clients to do due to the impact on their spine and most importantly their abdominal walls, which are typically separated from pregnancy.

The video kicked off with a chest opener, which is often overlooked and is a highly important thing to do. Then we transitioned to gentle core activation which included the ENTIRE core including the back. We flipped over and moved on to cross-chain strengthening, another important and often overlooked thing when doing strength, stretching, or anything related to our sports training. The video finished with some fantastic back and chest work and stretches.

I loved this video. It highly exceeded my expectations. As a coach, instructor, mom, and athlete, I really appreciated the detail to hitting all the areas that are necessary for the core. Often times we think of the core as just our abdomen and we overlook all the other aspects involved in it. All of the moves were safe, effective and smart. This is probably one of the only video platforms I have seen that I would actually recommend to my clients and that, to me, says a lot.


After my marathon I tried a recovery video and could feel it helping open my hips and drain the blood from my tired and sore legs. It felt so good and truly felt like a reset.

I have been using Jasyoga for a few months now and feel more balanced in my training. Training for races is not all about running, it includes so much more. Strength, flexibility and balancing our body is so important. I want a place I can do this with that I trust and I know that their goals are aligned with mine and Jasyoga offers that. I highly recommend it and you can try it for free for two weeks so there is nothing to lose!

From Drew:

A couple years back, my wife got me to supplement my stretching routines with some yoga moves that really helped my mobility. Within just a few weeks of doing them, my hips really began to notice a difference. And while there are certainly several amazing yoga positions and poses that are beneficial for everyone, there are some specific things that can be done as a runner.

When I heard about Jasyoga, I first went to their website to check them out. Further than that, I read a few reviews from fellow runners who had fairly positive things to say about the video sessions that were specifically geared for me. So, I signed up for the trial and dove right in…downward facing, of course.

The first video I did, following a run, was the “Quick Post-Run Reset” which features really good range-of-motion moves to keep yourself from stiffening up. If you think of yoga as your warm-up and cool-down, it will have an amazing impact on how your body feels before and after a run. The video is only 9 minutes but it will challenge you if your run was anything more than an easy day.

My second video, following a long run, was the “High-Mileage Reset” which was really hard for me. However, about an hour after I finished the routine, my body felt great. Since then, I have done several and have done a few of them many times. My favorites, as an ultra-marathon runner, are the “Flexible Running Hamstrings” and “Run Your Core” videos, which I been integrating with some additional strength training and core work.

Ultimately, this is a really good resource of good sessions that will keep you limber and run-ready, while also helping you to avoid injury.

Company: Jasyoga


  • Two week free trial and $9.99/month after

More about Jasyoga:

Jasyoga is the only dedicated yoga for athletes video platform, offering specific use series including recovery, cross-training, balance, running, cycling, triathlon, pregnancy, and more — with each collection including even more niche topics such as marathon training and stroller running. We also offer coach training to empower you to support other athletes. We’re not interested in turning you into a yogi — we are here to make yoga work for you, for real. That means practical yoga skills to optimize your training, and to help you become more balanced and resilient for sports and life.



Thanks to Jasyoga for providing us with a free trial! Read our transparancy page to learn how we do our reviews.


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