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As I look down at my bare feet, one thing that doesn’t come to mind is “sexy”. I mean, I currently have a few purple toenails, a pretty rough heel, and callouses galore. I don’t really take care of them all that well, as far as foot care goes (I know I should do better). However, I do keep care of them from the functionality side (when running), as well as the comfort and style side (when working / being casual). So when we came across DeadSoxy no-show socks, we were thrilled to check them out.

Clearly, these aren’t your performance running socks, but to me, they do serve a purpose in my closet. I have a few low-top shoes that just don’t look all that good with even heel-height socks. In these pairs, they need a no-show variety. I have found it extremely difficult to find socks in this height that are both comfortable AND are able to stay put. There is nothing worse than a low sock following off your heel or bunching up. NOTHING!

I tried out a few pairs, one in Zeke and the other in Harlow. The looks of these two styles (as well as the rest of their catalogue) are really quite nice. I suppose style isn’t all that important most of the time (I mean, they are no-show), but definitely look better in situations where removing my shoes are a must – like at my mother-in-laws house.


The real key is the fit AND the hold. I have not experienced ANY slip so far – even when doing some minor jogging. This is good because DeadSoxy guarantees that they won’t. They are comfortable and have a nice stretch with a small non-slip circle on the heel that keeps things immobile. They also guarantee that there will not be any fading or stretching after washing. I haven’t experienced any yet after a few washes, but we will keep an eye on it going forward.

Dead Soxy socks


Kelly also tried out some DeadSoxy socks, primarily because she hates wearing shoes without socks but a lot of summer styles look silly with even low-rise socks. She’s tried a lot of various no-show socks because of this, and thinks the DeadSoxy brand are well worth the price because the heel grip actually keeps the sock from slipping off the heel and they are thin enough to wear with shoes meant to be worn without socks (as many of this style of shoe are).

She adds, “The colors are nice too, because, well, they’re not just plain old white socks! There are a number of styles with a black border around the ankle, so you could even wear them when dressing up. You’ll be more comfortable and your shoes will last longer. I’m thinking they will also work great for side split ankle boots.”

At $14/pair, it’s definitely in your best interest to spring for three as part of their 3 for $35 deal.


Thank you to DeadSoxy for providing us with sample pairs. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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