Small Race Preview: 2018 Beat Beethoven 5K Fun Run/Walk (Bend)

It is a common sight to see a runner with headphones in their ears, while they cruise along. If you are one of those runners, you might listen to some kind of fairly upbeat or uptempo kind of music that motivates your pace, like dance music or techno. But how many of us have ever run to classical music? To be fair, I happen to love Beethoven and his works, some of which could certainly be described as uptempo. However, running to his music might seem a little odd, right?

If you’re just the least bit curious about all of this classical music and running talk, you should consider checking out the 4th annual Beat Beethoven’s 5th 5K Run/Walk. The event is on Saturday, August 25th, and takes place on the campus of Central Oregon Community College in Bend. Beat Beethoven’s 5th also includes a 1 mile run/walk race that starts right after the 5K. Sounds good so far, but here’s the best part. Besides having fun and supporting the Central Oregon Symphony, the goal of the race is to finish before Beethoven’s famous 5th Symphony finishes – approximately 33 minutes, which will be broadcast via loudspeaker while you run! Culture and exercise, together at last!

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When: Saturday, August 25th. Race starts at 9am.

Registration: Cost for the 5K = $40. Sign up online at

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