What Run Oregon is Wearing: Cadence Insoles

So I’ve been running for a year and half now and I’ve had many realizations – one being that I might need to try insoles. I’ve often been told by my fellow runner friends that good insoles could help with my shin issues I have on and off. I never knew what kind of insoles I needed though, but I think I might have got the luck of the draw because the Cadence Insoles are AMAZING!

Cadence Insoles “were developed and designed by John Hinds, a physical therapist with more than 30 years of personal and professional experience working with insoles and orthotics, born out of a passion to develop an over the counter insole that provides an unparalleled combination of comfort, support and durability.” Cadence offers 4 different version of insoles and I tried out the Low Volume version.

The Low Volume is only sold in select retail stores (there are 4 stores in Oregon – check here!) and not available for purchase online. They have a wide forefoot to accommodate the natural shape of the foot,  durable semi-rigid support, high rebound shock absorbing foam with enhanced comfort in the heel and is more accommodating for lower volume shoes or those that prefer a thinner orthotic. It is only 5mm thick! I generally wear a size 7 running shoe and was given the size D which says 7.5-8.5. I was a little concerned they would not fit into my shoes (Nike Pegasus 34) but they were super easy to trim up and fit in just like as if they came with the shoes.

I used these on several different runs outside (2, 3 and 6 miles) and also on the treadmill at a faster pace (3 miles). The shoes that I put them into were one of my older pairs with quite a few miles on it and these insoles made them feel like they were brand new! Running on them was very comfortable – nothing poking me, everything stayed in place and I definitely noticed the difference in the cushioning in the heels (I’m a heel striker) and the arch support (my shoes don’t normally have that). While wearing these outside my shins were also very happy, probably from the extra support in the arch. On the treadmill when my shin issues usually flare up the worse, I didn’t notice anything and my legs were feeling good. The only complaint I had was that my feet seemed a little bit more sweaty than normal, but that could have just been because I was running faster! I haven’t tried these on my longer runs, but I feel like I will be soon to see if they help with the overall soreness post run, particularly in my hips and calves.

If you are looking for a low volume insole that works great and does what it says it does, this is the one you should pick up right now!

Company: Cadence Insoles

Product and Specs:  Cadence Insoles Low Volume – this particular product only sold in select retail locations.

More about Cadence Insoles:

At Cadence® insoles our goal is to create a durable, high quality replacement insole that provides both support and comfort.  No gimmicks or crazy claims, just real support and true comfort for the pleasure of your feet, knees, hips and back. We understand the insole is what your foot contacts and feels, providing the first line of comfort and support for your foot.  The majority of replacement insoles on the market today are either too soft to offer any real support or too hard and uncomfortable, despite claims to the contrary. We know that many people endure aches and pains in their feet and legs, but few recognize the solution for some of the more common causes are often as simple as a more supportive and comfortable insole, shoe or both.

Thank you to Cadence Insoles for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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