What Run Oregon is Wearing: SunGod Sunglasses

I’ve been enjoying my SunGod Classics for about a month now and have worn them everywhere for everything. They run ~$100 (if you upgrade to polarized lenses), so they’re on the “investment” side of sunglasses, but…here’s why they’re outpacing my trusty go-to pair:

They’re lightweight! Coming in at just under 1 oz, they are incredibly comfortable to wear. Particularly when running, it doesn’t feel like I have a ski mask on and the shape allows for my face to breathe, unlike the chunky frames of my favorites. The frames are also a matte plastic, which helps them stay put, even through all the sweat, and they don’t leave an unsightly red mark on the nose, even after hours of wearing them.

Despite being so lightweight, I wouldn’t dare call them fragile. The lenses also have a triple layer scratch-resistant coating and the frames are made with SunGod’s trademark AdventureProof material, which allows them to flex without snapping and return to their original shape to reduce the risk of breaking. They are so confident in their durability that they offer a lifetime guarantee! I have been putting this to the test, as they do not come with any sort of case besides the cleaning storage bag. Inside my running pack, inside my handbag, tossed about in the car, and most recently, enduring a rough 2 days in our Wild Rogue Relay van! They didn’t get bent or scratched – only dirty.

Regarding style, whether you like to keep your accessories neutral to match most anything or rock something loud and unique, SunGod lets you customize the entire thing. Pick from 10 frame colors, 7 lens colors, and 10 arm colors. I went with a white frame, white arms, and pink lenses. Admittedly, the lenses are not always pink. In some lights they look purple, others red, and sometimes orange, so bear in mind that the lenses won’t look exactly like the website promises all the time. Color aside, I also opted for the polarized lenses, which helps with my depth of field on the sometimes-shady, sometimes-sunny trails – something I’m loving for those particularly technical sections. In addition to being polarized, they offer 100% UV protection (this is true of the lenses that are not polarized as well).

The only con I can see is the sizing. They fit really well on me, but while they are advertised as being unisex with a universal fit, there is no way my husband could make these work. So if you consider yourself having a larger head, the Classics may not be the best fit.

They’re not your typical active-wear sunglasses, but they’ve won me over. I’m loving them.



Geli: For a long time I went running without sunglasses because I couldn’t find a pair that I wouldn’t have to adjust and keep from sliding down my nose. I finally switched to a running performance style that worked well for me and was excited to get to test a pair of glasses in the same style; the SunGod PaceBreakers. When ordering your sunglasses online, your pair’s colors are fully customizable, from lenses to frame to the company logo on the arms. For my PaceBreakers I chose a fun gold polarized lens with a clear frame and blue ear socks. They fit well and stay put without binding and feeling too tight. I love how they wrap around to the side of my face, and they also extend a little higher up my forehead than many sunglasses, giving me more peripheral vision. So far I’ve worn the glasses for running, biking, driving, and just life. I can definitely see myself using them for water sports and snow sports as well.

The glasses come with a lifetime guarantee, promising a replacement pair if your glasses break for any reason. The guarantee does not cover lens scratches, but you can also purchase a lens replacement kit when yours are worn, or to have a second set for different lighting conditions.

Company: SunGod | Facebook | Instagram

Product  *pricing based on non-polarized or polarized lenses*:

Thank you to Sungod for providing us with sample pairs. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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