What Run Oregon is Wearing: QALO Silicone Rings

Geli’s Impression: I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, my wedding ring being the exception. I started out with a gold ring, then switched to tungsten (which doesn’t scratch as easily as gold). After hearing more and more stories about finger injuries due to rings, I stopped wearing my wedding ring altogether. Then I heard about Silicone rings that are perfect for an active lifestyle, and gave the QALO ring a try!

After browsing the website and looking at the many, many options in colors and styles, I settled on the Women’s Arctic Camo 2QX ring, and it is perfect! The website recommends to size up, but the size 7 fits the same as the tungsten ring I’ve been wearing recently. I was afraid that the thickness of the ring would bother me, but since it’s not rigid, it isn’t a problem for me. It doesn’t slide on and off as easily as metal rings, but I don’t have to take it off very often, so it’s not an issue. Even if my fingers swell a little in the heat or while running, I don’t worry about the ring binding.

Joe’s Impression: I suffer from “finger claustrophobia”, a rare condition I invented that causes mild panic whenever my fingers feel trapped holding scissors or in too-tight gloves, a knuckle gets locked or frozen in the extended position, or I have trouble getting a ring off over my knuckle. Because of this, I have avoided wearing rings, and on the happy occasion a wedding ring became de rigueur, I chose an adjustable one, in a spiral shape, that can easily be opened up and removed if needed. Another option my wife and I considered was QALO a company that specializes in rubbery silicone rings, but her size was unavailable, so we decided against it.

So when I got a chance to test a QALO ring recently, I quickly raised my finger… er, hand, to try one out… er, on. My ring is “Blue Pinstripe”, light blue with a light gray stripe near one edge. While QALO offers a variety of contours and textures, my ring is a basic flat shape. I immediately appreciated the flexibility and “rubberiness” of the ring, as I was easily able to pull it on over my knuckle, and even more importantly, take it off. It may be very slightly loose on my finger, but not enough that it will come off accidentally, so my finger claustrophobia was assuaged.

QALO rings come with a tiny zippered carrying case!

I think my favorite aspect of the unique silicone QALO ring is the safety. It’s not hard or rigid, it won’t dig into your finger or cut you accidentally, and it can come off quickly and easily in an emergency. After my brother-in-law jammed his ring finger playing volleyball, it rapidly swelled up, circulation was restricted, and he had to have his conventional wedding ring cut off at a doctor’s office. With a QALO ring, that kind of crisis is much less likely. Other nice features include convenience, affordability (most QALO rings are under $30), and a wide variety of designs, colors, and patterns to choose from. You can even design your own ring (prices vary depending on shape, color, pattern, etc.), or have your ring engraved internally or externally with up to 12 characters for an additional $7.96. And best of all, QALO rings come with a very cool little zippered pouch with a clip, for storage and transport when not worn.

The uniqueness, however, comes with some drawbacks too: My ring seemed unusually thick compared to most rings I’ve seen, and the silicone texture created more friction than my gold wedding ring when it came into contact with some fabrics (or when petting my cats). The off-center gray stripe might have looked better in the center of the ring, and the edging of the stripe seems a little imprecise compared to the online image. The blue color is a little strange, and my wife noticed that in conjunction with the gray stripe, the ring resembles the rubber bands that asparagus comes in.

But the large array of colors and designs, including customization and engraving, the flexibility and safety, and the affordable prices make QALO a nice option when considering a ring. Not to mention a QALO ring won’t trigger an acute case of finger claustrophobia!

Mindy’s Impression: I live a very active lifestyle, I play soccer twice a week, and run on the majority of the days I do not have soccer. Not to mention, I have two young boys, whose favorite past time is being in or near water. Due to this, I am frequently without wearing my wedding ring. I am too worried I am going to lose it.

When I got the opportunity to try a QALO ring, I was very interested. This is a great option for people who live an active lifestyle as I do. I choose the Women’s Pearl Scallop Silicone Ring in white. When ordering, make sure to size up if you have a half size. When I tried on the ring and started wearing it, it felt great. It is larger in height than my wedding ring, but it did not bother me, after I had it on for a few minutes. It is very well made and high quality. I love wearing this ring, I have received several compliments, even when at the grocery store. It is comfortable, and I love being able to play soccer, run and swim with a ring on my finger.

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In 2013, two friends each found themselves newly married, loving their wives but hating their wedding rings. They searched for a metal ring replacement that was safe and comfortable, but found nothing. From there, QALO was born and the rest is history.

QALO, pronounced [KAY-LO], stands for “Quality, Athletics, Love, Outdoors”. Through innovative products, an exemplary customer experience, and bettering those around us, QALO aims to be the symbol of commitment.

Thank you to QALO for providing us with sample rings. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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