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Race Preview: 48th Annual 4th of July Mini-Marathon (2.6 miles) in Monmouth

Fourth of July is a hugely popular day to run a marathon…but what if running a marathon isn’t quite your thing? Well, for the 48th year, you can swing into the small city of Monmouth and run the Fourth of July Mini-Marathon. What is a mini marathon? It is a 2.6 mile race as opposed to the usual 26.2 miles. So, you can brag to all your friends at your Fourth of July barbecue about the marathon you ran that morning (they don’t need to know it was a mini!).

This race is also pretty much all down hill with an elevation drop of 47 feet across the miniature course. The course is point to point starting at Monmouth City Hall and ending at Independence Library.

Finishers recieve a medal and all proceeds of the race go to benefit the following charities: Central Lions Club, Central High School Athletics, Ella Curran Community Food Bank, and Kelsy Oldham Memorial Scholarship.

Fourth of July Mini-Marathon Details:

Where: 151 Main St. W, Monmouth, OR

When: July 4, 2018 11:30am

Cost: Under 10 years old- $5 ($10 day of registration), 10 years and older- $15 ($20 day of registration)

Packet Pickup: Early pick-up July 3rd (Tuesday) at Independence Anytime Fitness from 11am-6pm or Day of Race from 7 – 11:15am @ Monmouth Fitness Club

Register: CLICK HERE 


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